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    The Girl in the Shadows

    We all have our vices, and whatever yours is, Karou can get it for you. As one of the most notorious smugglers in the country, there i…

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  • Cover
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    The Dead Man's Deal

    Kai was killed at an early age, and he very much expected to stay dead. Unfortunately for him, a young necromancer on a quest for ve…

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  • Reaps
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    Dream Reapers

    Not everyone was meant to play the hero. When Jet Kendrick drowns in an icy lake, his spirit is doomed to wander, alone and unseen, fo…

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  • Coverwoo
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    Fear no Evil

    Four years ago, Nevaria nearly destroyed the world when she accidentally freed hundreds of demons from the Underworld. Gifted with eno…

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  • Red_abstract
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    Nightmares and Daydreams

    [REWROTE FIRST CHAPTER] For centuries, the Guardians and Lucids have split themselves into two warring sides. They walk among our drea…

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    Those We Protect

    Ryker and his team are young Palidons: warriors whose sole purpose is to protect other planets in our universe. It all started as a si…

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Talk to me!


over 2 years ago Ashley Bird said:

Hey! I am SO SORRY it took me so long to read your story. My life has been kind of hectic lately :( I hope my review was somewhat helpful at least...


over 2 years ago Zandra Lynn said:

Will you read my partial story, Girl on the Run? I'd love feedback.


over 2 years ago Taylor S. Calder said:

Thanks for the feedback! I've adjusted a few things you mentioned! :) :) :)


over 2 years ago Brianna Callanan said:

Read "The Girl in the Shadows".


over 2 years ago Brianna Callanan said:

Hi, would you like to swap? Please check out either "Losing Hope" or "Warrior". If you want me to read something that takes more than 15 minutes please give me extra time. I could read a chapter and comment. Then when I get the chance I will try and finish it up.

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My Reviews

The Nonsense of Life

(over 2 years ago)

Here's my review for the swap, please check out The Girl in the Shadows! Overall, this was amazing. You captured the inner thought pro... Read More »

Antumbra Teaser

(over 2 years ago)

I thought this was great! I do have 2 notes. "…don't we wanderer". There should be a comma between we and wanderer. "My name is c... Read More »