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  • Down in a flame cover
    • 89
    • 11

    Down in a Flame

    The tragic tale of a young girl's end in fire, based on the horrible fates of so many Jews in the Catholic Spanish inquisition. ©…

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  • Bloody satin cover 2
    • 78
    • 10

    Bloody Satin

    A piece of flash fiction capturing a moment of an overworked ballerina's life.

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  • Qoth_cover02
    • 28
    • 13

    The Quest of the Hudion

    PLEASE NOTE: I JUST CHANGED 'LA-LA LAND' TO 'AEVYLON.' Cassandra is a ten year old heiress with a quirky imagination and a will of he…

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  • Full moon magic cover
    • 15
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    Full Moon Magic

    A FANTASY NOVEL in the works! **Very Rough Draft** I am shy about my work, so it is very rare that I post as I write. PLEASE excuse ty…

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  • Designalldlljpeg_phixr
    • 47
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    Full Moon Enchantment

    Entry for the figment SUMMER READING CONTEST! Thank you SO much for letting me reach my goal of 60 hearts!!! Yes, this was Full …

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  • Sleeping beauty
    • 43
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    Sleeping Beauty

    Entry for the JUSTINE MAGAZINE CONTEST! Thank you for helping me to my goal of 60 hearts!! Was Princess Aurora and Prince Charming…

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Talk to me!


over 2 years ago Kyra Martin said:

Hello! Would you be willing to do a swap? I'd like it if you read The Blade's Kiss for me. Please leave a comment/review and heart if deserving.

Have a good one! ^-^


over 2 years ago Sairah Kohaisch said:

Hello, I am working on a group project concerning mental health and aiming to support people with mental health issues by creating a website where they can anonymously express themselves through writing and poetry. Currently, we are collecting other people’s opinions on the issues (specifically eating disorders, depression, and anxiety disorders… as well as general mental health and the stigma surrounding it). It would be great if you could take a few minutes to answer some quick questions for us and/or contribute to our website later. If you are interested, please complete our anonymous online survey:

For further suggestions, please contact us at:


about 3 years ago Chris G said:

Hi, can you read Darkness Rising : Pre-War? (The one on the front page)

I will read anything up to 10,000 words long for the swap. If you react, heart, comment, or review I will do them for you if I deem it worthy.

Thank you and have a Happy Thanksgiving!


about 3 years ago Two-ThirdsDivine said:

Hello. I was wondering if you would like to do a swap? I have a short story that needs some looking over, and I would gladly return the favor.


over 3 years ago Josephine said:

Hello Christy, I was wondering if you would like to swap? If so, please read my poem, 'Rumors' and post on my wall what to read in return. Thanks

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My Reviews

Sookie, from IKEA

(over 4 years ago)

Ver very well done! I am glad you published this, although it os 'unedited.' I enjoyed the quote you started off with... it was very th... Read More »

Breathing Death

(over 4 years ago)

Oooh, a little romance towards the end! Again, you have a ton of sentances starting with 'and,' and tiny paragraphs. But I am not too w... Read More »