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    Permanent Bruises

    Well, this is a short story I wrote for my psychology class back in December. The maximum length was four pages so this is how long it…

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about 5 years ago Ashley Nicole said:

Heyo! Wanna swap? Yes, no? Ohk, but if you do, would you mind reading One More Night with either Begin Again or Secrets (By that I mean, at least read One More Night and one of the other stories.)? They're all for contests. Begin Again is for the Through To You Contest, One More Night is for the One Direction contest, and Secrets is for the Personal contest. So I will read anything in return of equal length. Thank you, have a lovely day! c;

And if you don't do swaps, could you do a free-read/heart for the same stories? Only if you like them, you should heart them. c:


over 5 years ago OvercomingDyslexic said:

Hey Mari, I'm Lexi :) So I wrote this new story and it's my first sci-fy romantic mash-up comedy. I really need some help on it and I was wondering if you might check it out? If you ever have the time, I would really appreciate your opinion on it :) It's called Fangs of the Future.


over 6 years ago Isabel Amat said:

Thanxs soo much for your comments :) They always put a smile on my face, btw I LOVE your work (In case I hadnt told you that ;) Keep it up and add some more!! :D


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