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    Nobody pays attention to Meg Stewart, so she comes up with the perfect plan to be noticed.

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  • Merlin-end-scene-emrys
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    The Old Man And The Lake

    The old man by the Lake of Avalon has been there for a very long time. Mythical World contest entry. 500 word limit!

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  • Soitbegins
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    So It Begins

    When the story is told of how I came to power, this is how it should start. ----- Please keep in mind when commenting that there is …

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  • Athens
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    Athens - City Of Dreams

    - In Progress - Based on my short story "Doomed To Fall." Selene Moore and Indie Harper live in Athens, the City of Dream that float…

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  • Doomedtofall
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    Doomed To Fall

    -Finalist in the Dark Star Contest- Athens is the world's first floating city, a gleaming accomplishment tethered to Washington, D.C.…

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    To Be Remembered

    Arthur has been afraid of being a disappointment to his late father's memory, even staying away from his school's elite fencing team i…

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almost 2 years ago Nom De Guerre said:

Swap? I'm looking for someone to read my post-apocolyptic novella playing god. Gritty action, medical drama, and moral dilemma. Set three years after a nuclear attack. Thanks for your time!

Girl reading

about 2 years ago Margaret Hartland said:

Hey, wanna swap? If you read The Venus Vanguard, I'll read any one of yours you want. Thanks and keep on writing!


almost 3 years ago A.R.C. said:

Hey I see you're a fellow competitor for the brandonsanderson competition. Since the competition is still ongoing and we can still rev up our hearts. Would you like to swap? If so please read and possibly heart my 'Whispers in the Night,' and let me know either on my wall or my story comment that you did- otherwise I won't remember to return the favour. p.s. apologies if I already asked you.


almost 3 years ago PandaAsiran said:

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My Reviews

An Empty God

(about 3 years ago)

You have a style in your descriptions I haven't seen in other works, and I find it very refreshing. You use a lot of great language that ... Read More »


(about 3 years ago)

I like the way you've structured the story. It flows well, and starting and ending with an e-mail is a nice bookend. The only thing tha... Read More »