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    [Allegorical Prose: FINISHED] **FEATURED AS EDITOR'S CHOICE ON MARCH 12, 2013**

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  • Kingsblade
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    [From the Disciples of Elindr Arc; Book One of the Heir Returning Trilogy; Christian Fantasy: WIP] “In times of great Darkness, it is …

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    A poetry compilation [Poetry: ONGOING]

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    Rise Beyond Me

    [False Memory Contest RUNNER UP: FINISHED] For two years, Justin has followed the White Rider Liz Elestir, but while Liz recovers from…

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    I Will Not Be Moved

    [Novella: IN PROGRESS] "She had been different. Something about Louis Daniels was dangerous." As Louis Daniels fights to remain faithf…

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    [Short Story: FINISHED] A recent high school graduate reflects about her feelings before and right after graduation.

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Talk to me!

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5 days ago k.a. Wells said:

I'm glad! I could really tell it came from your heart! I would love to read and review anything else you think I would like? Anyways, have an awesome day!


7 days ago Cara said:

I was hoping you could be of some help to me. I have to produce a literary journal for my University class and I need poems and short stories, and was hoping you could be of some help to me. It isn't going to be published on a wide-scale; it's just for class, but I really wanted to inlcude some young writers in it. Thank you very much. You can leave a comment on my page if you are interested.


15 days ago Natalia Davis said:

We can :D at least you're not Slytherin lol If I wasn't a Huffie I'd probably be Ravenclaw, but I love food and hugs too much lol


19 days ago Marcus Johnson said:

Please, can you read my preview? I need to know if it's worth writing the whole story! Your story are aw inspiring.


21 days ago Natalia Davis said:

I've finally gotten around to reading Harry Potter and now I can never go back xD Huffies unite!!!

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My Reviews

The Liquid Forest

(4 months ago)

The premise of this is really awesome and I can't wait to see where you go with it! I really liked the fact that this story had a kind of... Read More »

Run away

(8 months ago)

I gave you a heart because this story has a lot of potential. A good read through to proof for typos would definitely help it out a lot, ... Read More »