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    [Allegorical Prose: FINISHED] **FEATURED AS EDITOR'S CHOICE ON MARCH 12, 2013**

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  • Kingsblade
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    [From the Disciples of Elindr Arc; Book One of the Heir Returning Trilogy; Christian Fantasy: WIP] “In times of great Darkness, it is …

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    A poetry compilation [Poetry: ONGOING]

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    Rise Beyond Me

    [False Memory Contest RUNNER UP: FINISHED] For two years, Justin has followed the White Rider Liz Elestir, but while Liz recovers from…

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    I Will Not Be Moved

    [Novella: IN PROGRESS] "She had been different. Something about Louis Daniels was dangerous." As Louis Daniels fights to remain faithf…

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    [Short Story: FINISHED] A recent high school graduate reflects about her feelings before and right after graduation.

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Talk to me!


2 days ago AravisKenobi said:

I haven't disappeared! I've been wrapped up in a lot of things lately, and I have had no inspiration. Essentially I've had writer's block since the last chapter. I'm working still on ch. 21 now. Hopefully up soon. :)

Win_20141228_193700 (2)

7 days ago Jessí Jean said:

Hello! If you don't mind I need some feedback on my new story Xaphura. The sample is up on Figment now! I could really use the help. I could do a reasonably long swap in return. Thanks!!


21 days ago Iris C said:

Hey! I just wanted to ask if you would like to read some of my work...I'm new here and would love your opinion because I've seen you at work and believe your a well seasoned writer :)

- thank you I.C.

Sydney pic

23 days ago Sydney Lacroix said:

Swap? Please read Blackness and heart it (maybe even comment).


P.S: Please share this with people and get them to heart it! I would like to win the contest it is in!


about 1 month ago Jasmine Lewis said:

Hello, would you like to swap? If so please just look at any of my books for me and let me know what you want read in return. Thanks!

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My Reviews

The Liquid Forest

(about 1 month ago)

The premise of this is really awesome and I can't wait to see where you go with it! I really liked the fact that this story had a kind of... Read More »

Run away

(6 months ago)

I gave you a heart because this story has a lot of potential. A good read through to proof for typos would definitely help it out a lot, ... Read More »