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    [Allegorical Prose: FINISHED] **FEATURED AS EDITOR'S CHOICE ON MARCH 12, 2013**

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  • Kingsblade
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    [From the Disciples of Elindr Arc; Book One of the Heir Returning Trilogy; Christian Fantasy: WIP] “In times of great Darkness, it is …

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    Rise Beyond Me

    [False Memory Contest RUNNER UP: FINISHED] For two years, Justin has followed the White Rider Liz Elestir, but while Liz recovers from…

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    I Will Not Be Moved

    [Novella: IN PROGRESS] "She had been different. Something about Louis Daniels was dangerous." As Louis Daniels fights to remain faithf…

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  • On the edge
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    On the Edge

    [Star Wars Fanfiction: FINISHED] "I'll wait for you ON THE EDGE for one last adventure." The last account of Konir Rishek.

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    A poetry compilation [Poetry: ONGOING]

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Talk to me!


3 days ago ForestWalker(offline) said:

Hey there! Up for a swap? Can you please readBurning Rage?

It's a contest entry reliant on hearts,(only heart it if you think it deserves it please)and I need about 15o more hearts before the 19th. can you help me out?

If you want to do a swap, then please read my swap rules and I have to warn you that it might take me a while to return it.

If you do free reads, than that would be awesome if you could read my story.

If you are not open to swaps or free reads(or if I already asked) than I apologize for spamming your wall.

oh and I read your profile, and turns out, I like archery too and I plan on starting my own bow business when I have a bit more time. Archery is awesome. girls are awesome. Archery + Girl=Super awesome girl! A perfect equation don't you think?


4 days ago Julie Ann said:

Hello there! I was wondering if you could read my book "I Love A Killer" I want to know if it's good and if not should I continue writing it or give up and start on a new one? Thank you for helping me and if you don't want to read it that's fine too! Thanks!

Y'all just dont know

6 days ago sugar, j said:

Click here.


11 days ago Charis Tikvah said:

Hey there! I was wondering if perhaps you would care to swap? I would be eternally grateful if you checked out my King Dork contest entry "The Consequence of Caring". In return, I would be happy to read any non-explicit works!


13 days ago Wesley Fowler said:

So much boredom Sarah.

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My Reviews

Run away

(2 months ago)

I gave you a heart because this story has a lot of potential. A good read through to proof for typos would definitely help it out a lot, ... Read More »

A World Without Sun

(3 months ago)

Well, now that my swap is likely to be almost a MONTH late, I'm finally reading this story. Let me start off by saying that this isn't... Read More »