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    [Allegorical Prose: FINISHED] **FEATURED AS EDITOR'S CHOICE ON MARCH 12, 2013**

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    [Christian Fantasy Novel: WIP] What does it look like to truly, fully, and wholly follow Christ, and what are the consequences of mere…

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    [Summer Reading Contest Finalist: FINISHED] For some, monsters come from below, but for one young imaginative high school girl, they c…

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    Rise Beyond Me

    [False Memory Contest RUNNER UP: FINISHED] For two years, Justin has followed the White Rider Liz Elestir, but while Liz recovers from…

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    Take Up Your Sword

    [Motivational Speech: FINISHED] If you're ready for a challenge, take a stab at this speech written for the graduating class of 2015.

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    [Poetry: ONGOING] A poetry compilation

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2 days ago Anorexic said:

Hi, um...Would you care to do a short poem/story swap? I have a short poem (little less than a minute long to read), that I'm looking for feedback on. If you're willing to swap, then it's much appreciated, just please give me a story in return (if you have one) that is just as small.

Story: Low Roar ( http://figment.com/books/929184-Low-Roar )

I would be very grateful too if you checked out my other short poems (all of which also under a minute long or so), but it's not acquired of you. Sorry if this message was any trouble, and thank you for your time

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6 days ago Kait Aubry said:

Hello fellow member of Creative Contests!

There is a brand new poetry contest posted if you're interest in participating! I also would love if you have any suggestions for the group to suggest it in the What would YOU like To See discussion thread. We really would like to keep making this group successful in everyone's needs and likes within the group. We will definitely credit you! So, please just run on over! And suggest anything you like! We really NEED your input! Thank you for reading this message and have a wonderful day! :*

Your Admin from Creative Contests, Kaitlyn.


17 days ago Karah Harbuck said:


23 days ago Elizabeth Taylor said:


24 days ago Chelsey Weyerman said:

yeah I am although I just started it. It is going to take me a few more years to finish. Probably the next four years.

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I came here with full intentions of leaving a nice, long review. Because nice, long reviews are... well... nice and long. But I don't hav... Read More »

Ms. Fawn

(about 1 month ago)

Let's get nitpicking/stuff we might need to work on out of the way first: - Sometimes your paragraphs would do weird things. Like, som... Read More »