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  • Undiscovered (cover)
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    The survivor of a shipwreck finds himself on an uncharted island with no memory of his past.

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  • Jared austen's guide to trolls (cover)
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    Jared Austen’s Guide to Trolls

    [Originally for the Summer Reading Contest which had a 500 word limit] Jared didn't get what he was hoping for as his first summer job…

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  • Darkest day (cover)
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    Darkest Day

    What would it be like to see through the eyes of someone who has never known what it is to see? How would it feel to be so different? …

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  • Fate (cover)
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    What would you do if someone you loved was in danger? Set in medieval Britain, a father's love for his son gives him strength during t…

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Talk to me!

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over 1 year ago Lena said:

Hello friend! I'm working on a new novel 'Glass Ships' and would love some feedback/critique. I'd be happy to swap, so let me know if there's anything you want me to read and review!

All the best,

Lena x

Rachael 01

over 3 years ago R. E. Durbin said:

Hi Kyle,

You and I swapped some time ago (I think...I know you read my story, 'I Love You, Infinity'). Anyhow, I was wondering you might be open to either read two of my stories for free or swap for them? One's short (This Brave New World), while the other is longer (Eternity's Lie).

Thank you for your time.

God Bless,



over 3 years ago Julianna Ceron said:

Care to swap? If so, could you read "his last infinity" or "100 Days"? and in return I will read whatever you request ;)


over 3 years ago William Carter said:

Salutations, my good fellow Figgie.

^^I sound so fancy!

Ha ha, anyway. Want to swap? I have edited and re-edited my WIP novel Imaginatia, and am ready for it to receive feedback on its first chapters.

I'll read anything of yours that is under 20 minutes long. While I can't promise a lengthy review, I will promise a thoughtful comment. Not some "OMG, this is AMAZING!" comment.

If you accept, please post on my wall what you would like me to read after you have read mine. I will not read your piece of work if you post it in the comments section of the story, nor will I give a thoughtful comment on yours if you won't give a thoughtful comment on mine. If you would like to swap without exchanging comments, just hearts (if deserved) and reactions, I'm alright with that. Just please specify this when you post on my wall.

Thank you! :D

Also, if you have already read Imaginatia in the past, I have re-edited it quite a bit, so it won't be the same ol same ol. I'd love it if you looked back at your old comment/review and let me know if I did/didn't edit what you suggested!

Here's the link to Imaginatia:

Have a good day! Stay awesome! :D


almost 4 years ago Elnora Miles said:

Hey! Want to swap? Please read my story, "The Infernal," and tell me what you think. I will be more than obliged than to read anything you ask. Peace

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(about 5 years ago)

This is definitely a piece with the potential to become very emotionally strong and to feel very real. However, it’s not quite there yet.... Read More »

Justice for Truth

(over 5 years ago)

Alright, so this was a good start and an interesting idea. For the most part the grammar is not too bad, it’s mostly smaller mistakes, bu... Read More »