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almost 5 years ago Sara Clark said:

Hey, would you mind reading my story Gone. I loved I Love You.


almost 5 years ago Amaryliss White said:

Hi there! Would you mind checking out my story, “Never Break Me”? I’ll read anything of yours, just tell me what. Thanks so much!

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over 5 years ago Felicia Winters said:

Hi! Would you like to swap? I’ll be happy to heart and comment on a piece that you would like me to read as long as you return the favor. If you want to swap, just read my story "Purpose" and post on my wall telling me what story you want me to read, and I’ll get to it as soon as possible. I’m really sorry if this message annoys you. Thanks! –Felicia


over 5 years ago OvercomingDyslexic said:

Hey, it's Lexi :) So I wrote this short story that's kind of a spin-off of The Little Mermaid and I was wondering if you might check it out? I'd like to know if it's relatable enough and it could really use a heart if you like it. But only if you like it. It's my dream to be published one day so I have to know if my stories are actually likeable, right? ;) The story's called Language of Love (And Water) if you have the time to read it over :)

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over 5 years ago Rachel W ❤ said:

Hello:) I was wondering if you would like to swap. If so then please read Song of Love and comment on my wall telling me what to read. If not then I'm sorry for bothering you. Thanks:)

*If I've already posted this on your wall, I'm really sorry. It's hard to keep track:/

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(almost 7 years ago)

This is amazing. It's so well written, it sounds very professional and well organized. I only read chapter one and I like how the plot is... Read More »