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    The Student's Tale

    This is a project I did for a early British Lit. class I took this semester. I wrote a poem in the style of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales…

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  • Boats_mull_450x338
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    The Last Time

    A tale of a girl and her family.

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  • River1
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    Song of Death

    PLEASE EXCUSE THE PROLOUGE! IT NEEDS TO BE REWRITTEN SO YOU MAY SKIP IT IF YOU LIKE Set in the kingdom Ulterïa, the resident faeries …

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over 4 years ago Sara NS Francis said:

Hello, Would you care for a swap? I desperately need hearts/feedback on my vampire contest piece. If you're up for it, please read "View from above" and place what you would like in return on my wall. (Please note that I will not read anything over 15 minutes. but individual chapters of something above 15 minutes is okay.) Thank you in advance and good luck with your own writings!


almost 5 years ago L.N.H. said:

Hey I'm sorry to be a bother but I've entered the James Patterson Contest and I would really love it if you could read my short story. So wanna swap? If so read Star-Crossed. Only heart it if you think it deserves it and comment what you truly think of it! Oh it may be rushed by a lot but that's only bcuz 500 words is the limit. Thanks, I won't be able to get back to you immediately but maybe after the contest if that's okay! I'm just really busy!! Sorry! X) Oh and if I already posted this on your wall I am terribly sorry, I've lost track on who've I asked to swap and who I haven't! (:



almost 5 years ago Gauri Pendse said:

Hey, if you're open to swaps,please check out my work in progress novel "Dark Flames." And please leave reviews. I'd love to know your views on my writings.


almost 5 years ago Gracie Qu said:

Hi, do you do swaps? Would you mind checking out Cost of Revenge? You DON'T have to read the whole thing b/c it's long. Thank you! :)


almost 5 years ago Madeleine G. said:

Hi! Could you please read my short story, "Perception of Deception"? You won't regret it! "Perception of Deception" is my first priority but if you have time I suggest taking a look at "You Are Perfect To Me" too. Also, I make covers.:) Thanks!


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Apple Blossoms

(over 5 years ago)

I enjoyed reading this. The writing style is clean and easy to follow. Read More »

Escape Hatch

(over 5 years ago)

Clever and very well written. I truly enjoyed it. Your grammar was flawless and your writing style is something unique and you should def... Read More »