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  • Thestarprotectors
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    The Star Protectors

    Lilly Staples was having a peaceful morning--until her whole living room is destroyed by an extraterrestrial being. In order to avoid …

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  • Lovesick_zpsdc318b76
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    {For RequiemContest} After the world was devasted by the Great Plague, rules had to be made. No touching. No hugging, kissing, or cudd…

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  • Supernot
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    {For the SemiCharmedContest} Anika is normal. 100% percent. And that's her problem. Her parents have super-powers. Her neighbors do. …

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  • Hauntedcover
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    'The town of Oneida was quiet possibly the boringest town in the world. It held the same shops, the same people, and the same faded co…

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  • Snowlightcover
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    Marissa's life changed dramatically; if being adopted wasn't weird enough, it was being adopted by her evil, power-crazy 'Step-mom', a…

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over 2 years ago Zoey NB said:

Sorry if you don't like ads.

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over 2 years ago Tonya Royston said:

Hi! I'm sure you don't remember me, but a few months ago, you read and commented on my series, The Sunset Trilogy. I wanted to let you know that the first book has been published! I would love it if you checked it out. All links are up on my Figment profile in case you're interested. Have a great day!


over 2 years ago Daniel Jimenez said:

UPDATE: We are now looking for designers! Anyone interested is more than welcome to participate! Spots are limited, so be sure to sign up here!

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over 2 years ago Josephine said:

Hello McKenna, I was wondering if you would like to swap? If so, please read my story "The Bright Side of Death" and post on my wall what to read in return. Thanks.

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over 2 years ago Amelia Markey said:

Submit your entry at Vintage Ink today!

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Little Flower

(almost 5 years ago)

Sorry for being so late, school really caught up with me in the last week! This story has no dialogue, but it works for this type of p... Read More »


(almost 5 years ago)

Sorry for taking so long! I got swept away with exams. I liked this story; it presents alot of controversial views. It's good how you ... Read More »