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    What if you could see the dreams of someone else? Would you dare too? Two friends find their answers and share more than expected. …

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  • White-rock-lake-hdr-beautiful-calm-cloudy-dock-lakes-nature-park-reflections-trees-water
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    Dry-Hot-Wet-Sweet Summer

    Summer suns; summer swims; summer leaves. Contest entry for Scene 1 of the Carnival Of Figgies 2015, with the theme of summer. C…

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  • 687px-fire
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    In Your Hands

    A girl opens her hands, along with her heart, to her parents.

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  • Odd shoes
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    Mind The Posterior

    Try not to rhyme "her" with "wear" in your head while reading. ;) Entry for the 4th Promptlicious contest, with the prompt: "I saw …

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    The Corner-Room

    If you knew what to say, if the words suddenly seemed to arrange themselves effortlessly, if the letters made sense; what would you sa…

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  • Evil_eyes
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    Monsters aren't real

    A quiet night turns into a deathly fright. 2nd place winner in the 2nd Promptlicious prompt contest, where the prompt was "Can you …

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Talk to me!


about 2 years ago Mari said:

Hi I was wondering if you would be interested in a swap! I'm really looking for some feedback to improve the story I'm working on.

If you're interested, could you please read "Over Mine Strewn Fields"? It's a very long story, so you don't have to read the full thing, but just indicate in a comment what you did read!

Just let me know what you would like me to read in return! Thanks in advance!


about 2 years ago Jack Hopkins said:

Hi there! I have been working so hard on this short story - Everything's Fine. It's the first piece I have written that I want so badly to share with others! I would appreciate it so much if you would give it a read! Thanks :)



over 2 years ago Megan said:


You are right. Thank you very much for mentioning this to me, and I apologize for misinforming you in my review. I did not remember the rules to pronoun-antecedent agreement, and I should have checked my notes before writing a review about it since I was slightly doubtful about putting it in the review in the first place.

- Megan N.


over 2 years ago Megan said:

Since the forum is strictly for the contest, I'm going to kindly suggest that we keep this conversation out of the Carnival, and it would not be my place to say that we can discuss this in the group. Feel free to post on my wall, just do your best not to spam me while I am unable to respond.

I'm very pleased to have someone argue a topic of my review with me, and I'm glad it was over this subject. As I said in the review, pronoun-antecedent agreement was a topic taught to me years ago, so I will admit that I'm rather rusty with the rules for this, and I would not be surprised if I was wrong. To be one-hundred percent confident that I can say I agree with the point that you have brought up to me, I will have to go back to my notes from that year, and I will most definitely take a look. If you will excuse me for just a moment, I will get back with you shortly with a confident response.

- Megan N.


over 2 years ago M. Prince said:

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Letting Go

(over 2 years ago)

You managed to capture sadness, heartbreak, and despair with strong, almost effortless writing. There was tremendous feeling put into thi... Read More »

Too Numb to Feel

(over 2 years ago)

That last line, "Passion is a concrete line, love is a curve...". Whoa. That is a brilliant line. Efficient, strong, heartfelt symbolism.... Read More »