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    Every Rule

    Emma and Chris were a whirlwind - over the course of three weeks they met, fell in love, and were torn apart. Now, it looks like they'…

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almost 4 years ago Nolee Balaqua said:

"This book is brillant and so enchanting." ~J-H. Johnson

"Your description is phenominal" ~ Veronica Fee

"It was really graceful and had a wonderful ryhthm to it." ~ freyawhite181

"It was hard for me to stop reading." ~ Sarah

"Needless to say that lying out in a desert, no memory of what happened, being chased by coyotes and finally getting hit by a car makes for an interesting start." ~ Clair Deighan

If you'd like to swap with me for my story Wake Me Up, here's the clicky thing to take you straight to it: Wake Me Up.

Thank your for you time, and have a nice day! :)



about 5 years ago Kayy said:

Hi! I just wrote a story called The Killer for the Seventeen Magazine contest and i'm looking for some constructive criticism. I'd love it if you could check it out. I'm willing to swap if you'd like. Thank you and sorry if i've already asked! :]


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