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    A Girl Named Love

    The mysterious girl named love. The girl that did what she wanted. The girl who did things that completely defied logic. The girl that…

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  • Cover-stone-vs-flesh
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    A Pairing Of The Unwanted

    In a time of war, fate unexpectedly brings two opposites together. ***************************************************************…

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  • Furry-vengance
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    A Furry Revenge

    An unforeseen vengeance is taken upon a group of friends that get lost in the woods. ***This story was originally going to be for t…

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  • Salems ice cream cover
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    Salem's Ice Cream Parlor

    Lauren Shlater learns that her first summer job has an unexpected twist.

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Talk to me!


5 months ago Tasha said:

Hello I am looking for Swaps I will read TWO of your books if you will read the first chapter of my new book Hellish Fun...

Thank you


over 2 years ago Tehmeena Arshad said:

Hiya! :) Would you like to swap? If yes, please read "Marked By You" or "Crave." Please tell me what I should read in return. Thanks for your time.


almost 3 years ago begin_to_end said:

Are you a poet, or perhaps a writer who wants to try their hand at poetry? Then join Poets United!!! We do everything from poetry to covers to contests to games to just plain ole discussing. We have a contest currently going on called "Secrets Without Silence". The deadline is January 12!!!! Join now at http://figment.com/groups/29755-Poets-United Vi :)


almost 3 years ago ForestWalker said:

Hi Rachel! listen, can you do me a HUGE favor and read Burning Rage?

It's a contest entry reliant on hearts(only heart it if you think it deserves it please), and the deadline is tomorrow.

So basically: Swap? Please?

Sorry if I already asked.


almost 3 years ago Melanie Buskin said:

Hey! IF you could do me the biggest favor in the world and read this, it would be much appreciated. For free, or for up to three stories, I’d appreciate if you could do the following: My book Lots of Love, Gelato comes out in the next week. What I need from you all is to do at least two of the following. Heart my story Subscribe for updates on the book and my books generally at lotsoflovegelato@gmail.com with the subject line SUBSCRIBE Comment or review my story, (preferably a nice review, even if a little unrealistic, seeing as it comes out on Amazon very soon and there’s not much I can do to change stuff at this point, though the comments ARE very helpful [and have helped me in writing this book.]) Share the link to my page like crazy. If you’d like to do more than two, you are obviously welcome to. I would only ask that you would please actually read the first chapter instead of just reading the comments and hoping you can pretend you read the story. Especially for the price I am willing to do this at. If you have any questions on publishing deals, writing advice, or any other general questions, please email lotsoflovegelato@gmail.com as I check it daily and will reply almost immediately. Thanks everyone! Melanie Bukin xoxo

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My Reviews

Your Heart

(over 5 years ago)

I think you did a pretty great job with this poem. Although, I think that at the start of each line you need a capital letter. Other than... Read More »

Dreaming On A Chance

(over 5 years ago)

I though you did a great job with imagery! I especially like hood you described the candy shop in the beginning. Right now reading throug... Read More »