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    Picture Perfect

    Frozen smiles never last....

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  • Elemental powers (mechanical elements cover 2)
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    The Mechanical Elements

    In a realm that was protected by the four elements which created it; Earth, Water, Air, and Fire there were Guardians. The Guardians u…

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  • Pieces of him cover 1
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    Pieces of Him

    Completely unexpected and new... strange and exciting... It is an adventure all it's own. Little by little, piece by piece it has …

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  • The christmas tree cover 1
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    The Christmas Tree

    While decorating her Christmas Tree Lucy shares the story of the Christmas fairies with her friend Abigail. A story of magic and adve…

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  • The garden cover 1
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    The Garden

    Abandoned as a child Killian Jones never thought he would see his father again. However fate had a different plan for him. After makin…

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  • Stars cover
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    A little poem type thing.... When the darkness seems to have swallowed all of the light a shimmering star breaks through bringing hope…

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Talk to me!


about 1 year ago Ellie Williams said:

Img_0487 (1)

about 1 year ago Nicolette Christiansen said:

Hey there! Would you care for a swap? Let me know!

Img_0487 (1)

about 1 year ago Nicolette Christiansen said:

Hey there! Would you care for a swap? Let me know!


over 1 year ago Jesse said:

Hey Jessica, nice name! I know a really cool person who also goes by that name... ;););)

Anyway, I'd love to swap, if you agree to one, so would you mind reading my poetry? I'll read anything in return. :) Let me know!


over 1 year ago Megan S. Rayes said:

Hey there, I was curious to know if you fancied a swap? If so, I don't mind going first, just tell me what you'd like me to read. In return, and if you agree, would you read My Boy and His Dragons? Thank you!

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My Reviews

The Escape Artist/ Cast A Shadow

(over 3 years ago)

Hey there, Tristan! I just wanted to show you what I have come up with as far as dialog for your story. It is not much because I thin... Read More »

"What Isn't Art!"

(over 3 years ago)

This is my favorite piece that I have read by you, so far. I just think you have a great view/ opinion of life and the world around you. ... Read More »