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    Twelve-year-old Edith deals with her mother's worsening illness by escaping into a mysterious dream world.

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    "To love her was to love the ocean. They were one and the same––beautiful, mysterious, unfathomable, uncontrollable." One month ago…

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    I Chose the Monster

    Plague has spread throughout the world. And to make matters worse, a supposed cure for the sickness had unexpected side effects that t…

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    For the "Childhood Memories" contest. About how I always loved the smell of the dictionary. :)

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    The Sunburn

    "The sunburn had deepened to a purplish shade of red. There was a burn along my leg, too, and a splotchy pair of others on my shoulder…

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    Mia's life is going in circles. No matter where she goes, she always ends up where she started. Two years ago, she left her homet…

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Ella rosewood

about 4 years ago Ella Rosewood said:

Did you know that thousands of pit bulls are killed every day because they are considered dangerous, yet most pit bulls are not dangerous? Join me in my fight against pit bull discrimination and BSL (Breed Specific Laws) by reading and sharing my story: Peony. If you do not wish to share or read my story, that is completely fine, but please keep in mind that pit bulls are not dangerous. Thank you for your time, Ella Rosewood


over 4 years ago Zia Wolf said:

I'm currently reading 'Unraveling' and I have to say I absolutely love it! Charlotte Blair told me to check you out, glad she did (:


over 4 years ago Karla said:

Please reaD my story CONDEMNED !!!!

together with her powers, Noah also discovers the truth about demons and angels.

they are Vampire and humans love

werewolves and humans love

vampire vs werewolves

angels and falles angels

but what is the world coming to when you find out you're not human, but a sin...

a sin born from a love so impossible, so forbidden, so sinful as a love between a demon and an archangel....


over 4 years ago Lord Charlotte said:

can you read my story, Gills and if you like it then go ahead and heart it or review/comment. I’ll read something of yours and heart it if I like it.


over 4 years ago said:

Hey! Hows your summer going? I hope well.Its hotter than heck outside, eh? Could yo possibly read my story, The Sinners?I will gladly return the favor:) Thanks.

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Cast to America

(about 7 years ago)

I read the first chapter of this. I think you do a good job of capturing Zamira's emotions and establishing her as a clear character; her... Read More »

Nasrin Sleeps

(about 7 years ago)

Wow! Normally I don't read past the first chapter when I'm doing swaps … or even free-reading for that matter. But I read the first 4 cha... Read More »