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    What I Want

    For the Defy The Dark Contest with a 2,000 to 4,000 word limit. Five friends go on a farewell camping trip while one, Lana, tries to f…

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  • Nose
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    For the back to school flash fiction contest with a 150 word limit. A wronged girl gets a little payback.

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  • Green
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    Great Year

    For the back to school Flash Fiction with a 150 word limit.

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  • Dark
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    Dark Day

    For the Throne of Glass Flash Fiction day 3 with a 150 word limit. A king and queen will battle for possession of the sky kingdom.

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  • Castle
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    Under the Waves

    For the Throne of Glass Flash fiction contest day 2 with a 150 word limit. A greedy, evil brother will do whatever it takes to rule th…

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  • Castle
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    Castle in the Clouds

    For the Throne of Glass Flash Fiction~ Day 1~ with a 150 word limit. The cloud queen admires her kingdom.

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6 months ago Samuel Roberts said:

Hello there! I was wondering if you'd be interested in reading my novel Collision?

I'll read anything in return if you wish to swap, but as my profile says, I won't read horror, paranormal, romance or anything with excessive language.



10 months ago Selina Kreamelmeyer said:

Hello! I was wondering if you would be willing to do a swap? If so please read my story Blood Crazed (only 36 minutes of reading time) and please leave an honest opinion and let me know on my page what I could read in return for you. Thanks for your time and I hope to hear from you.

Sanya k 2

11 months ago Haley Kissell said:

Hi there! I'm Haley *waves* it seems like it's been awhile since anyone stopped by to say hello so I thought I would. Have a great day and I hope to maybe hear back from you.


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over 1 year ago C. Van Asch (Chesster) said:

The last Eldrazi Titan, Emrakul, has arrived on the plane of Innistrad. Innistrad, is where Vampires, Werewolves, humans, Angels, Demons, and many other species share their home. Liliana is the last hope for Innistrad. In the mist of the horror Liliana, Tamiyo, and another planeswalker called Savage are the only hope, the three must stand together to defeat Emrakul, the Promised End.


over 2 years ago Sam Kim said:

I request a swap, if you read and comment on "Janus", I'll read and comment on any of story of your choosing. Please leave constructive criticism (you see I'm a newbie who'd really like to improve his skill).

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In The Eye Of Cindrella

(over 5 years ago)

I really lived your moderinazation. A few things I notice. 1st chapter ...not a fairy tail [with] magical fairies... live (not libe) ... Read More »

Merman ©

(over 5 years ago)

I got so excited about how much I loved this piece that I forgot to mention the only mistake I saw. Near the end you say that he whispers... Read More »