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  • Theoutsiderscover3
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    The Outsiders Rise of the Dark Equalists

    [Unfinished] The final installment of the Outsiders trilogy. Harkalan has been taken over by the Outsiders, who will stop at nothing t…

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  • Fire 3
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    Under Fire

    [Unfinished] Book 2 in the Agent Smith series. After his encounter with hitman Arnold Zala, psychologist Peter Smith, commonly referre…

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  • Into the night 1
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    Into the Night

    [Completed] When William Travolta, US Colonel returns to Chicago to find his daughter Jenna, he never imagined to find the city in pur…

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  • Shot in the dark cover
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    Shot in the Dark

    [Unfinished] Cover made by Jasper. Cole Messiah was an average student with a love for music, but now he is an agent of STAND. A vigil…

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  • Passion of the faithful 1
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    The Passion of the Faithful

    [Unfinished] Cover made by Jasper. Book 2 of the Angel Warrior series. Lena and Hans are back. This time Lena faces the horrible reali…

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  • Hallway 2
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    Point of no Return

    [Completed] Book 1 of the Agent Smith series. An assassin is on the loose, and who is that person whose going to stop his killing spre…

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(almost 5 years ago)

Wow what an emotion. Im sorry to hear that something bad happened to you Jacque. This is beautiful and touching, its amazing. Read More »

Underneath the Mistletoe

(about 5 years ago)

I don't like to give critique so i wont What has drawn me to your story is the fact that it turns hate into love, and with me its alwa... Read More »