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Hayden casey

8 days ago hayden casey said:

greetings, fellow figgie!

looking for a heart swap? if you heart my story "the darkness that gathers," i will heart one of your stories back! be sure to post on my wall and let me know what i can heart back.

looking for a traditional swap? if you read and heart/comment/react to/review the above story (whatever it inspires you to do!), i will read anything you desire in return! be sure to post on my wall and let me know what i can read for you.

not currently accepting swaps? i'd still be eternally grateful if you could take 5 seconds and go heart that story! it would make me very happy :)

thank you so much! :) p.s. sorry if i've already swapped with you!


8 days ago A.J. Cypher said:

Hi there :) Any interest in a swap? My story is called Nowhere But Up. I'm looking to swap for things around the same length, give or take. I'd be happy to do heart swaps, comment swaps, or review swaps, whichever you'd prefer! Let me know!

Apologies if we've already swapped. It's getting hard to keep track!

Marsface avatar

9 days ago Mars Enyalios said:

Let me know! Sorry if you're not open to swaps or I've already asked you; sometimes I miss or forget! *flees*


9 days ago ForestWalker said:

Hello fellow Figgie! I am in great need, and kindly ask for your help. I have an entry in the brandonsanderson contest called 'Burning Rage' if you could please read it(and possibly heart?) I would be ever grateful. I promise to read something in return, as long as it's roughly the same length or shorter than my entry. it might take me awhile to read yours though, if it seems like I have forgotten, just post on my page. Have an amazing day!:)


10 days ago Isabel Filippone said:

Swap? Please read Strange Girl.

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