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about 4 years ago Abigail Yang said:

Here is the official THANK YOU!! for joining the Hmong / Hmoob Writers group and continuing to be apart of it!

It's members that keep the group alive, and I look forward to reading and learning more about you along with the rest of the crew! Continue to stay active, and, if you ever have any questions or concerns, feel free to connect with me personally on fb for any assistance with anything, follow me and send me pm.

Thanks again!


about 4 years ago Abigail Yang said:

Hi Mina Mina,

I see that you shared a book with the group, could you post up a discussion topic for the group on your book, what you'd like for us to look for, anything in specific for what you need, and be specific, please.

Thanks in advance!


about 4 years ago Abigail Yang said:

Hey fellow Hmoob,

I posted up a discussion topic for our group on Figment titled "Writing workshops? // Looking for managers". Go put in your input so we can see our group get somewhere.

Thanks in advance!

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over 4 years ago ♥Mari Calhoun♥ said:

Hi, fellow Figgy! I'm Mari Calhoun and my sister, Chloe Calhoun, really needs hearts. She's entering the haiku contest, which is heart based. Please read her piece, Let Me In, and heart-- it's under five seconds! I'll read anything of yours in return. Here's the link: Let Me In

Pirate king swann and lords barbossa and sparrow

over 4 years ago Mae Winchester said:

Hi there! I was wondering if you would like to swap with me? I will read anything of yours, and if you could please read my Haiku "The Ladybugs" that would be wonderful.

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