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  • Doily
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    The Room with the Pink Walls

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  • Alright small copy
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    **Seventeen Magazine Contest** She has lost everything and everyone important to her. Will she let someone else walk out of her life…

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  • Saving eight cover_small version
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    Saving 8

    It takes only one life to save 8 and bring 500 together.

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  • Imagescaik92ll
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    "There's a lot of times when I almost feel like I'm trapped inside of myself. Like if I don't talk or yell or scream or laugh I'…

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  • Something old
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    Something Old

    For The Lucky One Flash Fiction Contest. :) He gave her the ring on his wedding day when she was two as a sign of his love and for lu…

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  • Picture(2)
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    At Your Side

    Okay so Im not entirely sure where this is going to go, all I know is that it was inspired by this necklace I got for Christmas (the o…

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over 4 years ago Sebastian Matthew said:

Swap? If so please read "Grim". Thanks!


over 4 years ago Victoria Guyadeen said:

Hey! Please check out my new book Jesus talk. It's encouraging and will give you the chance to grow in your faith. Have a blessed and amazing day! *Authors note: This is not a swap. However I am willing to swap just let me know if you would rather swap.


almost 5 years ago Erin Burr said:

Swap? I'd love it if you could read my 2 minute story "Sociology" and heart if deserved. Then just comment with what you want me to read in return. Thanks :)


almost 5 years ago said:

Swap? Read and heart my story(if deserved)The Beautiful Things


almost 5 years ago Shelby Sullivan said:

Hey Shelby here! If you would like me to read a story and tell you want I think/heart etc. Read my story "When Sparks Fly" and Leave a comment with what book you want me to read.

Have a great day!

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