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    WATCHING & other supernatural stories

    A growing collection of supernatural short stories. You don’t walk home at night through the woods at the edge of Victoria Grove Park…

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  • Fog2
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    Through the Fog

    WARNING: Contains self-harm themes. A short story about depression, and eventually overcoming it. This is more of an experiment wit…

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  • Twisted3
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    Twisted Young Things

    First chapter of a WIP. Six young criminals are taken on a 'retreat' as part of rehabilitation programme, though few of them are inter…

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  • Osd2
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    Only Skin Deep

    WIP. A re-imagining of the classic 'Beauty and the Beast', inspired by many versions. When a young woman's village comes under threat…

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  • Chasing grace op3
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    Chasing Grace

    WIP. A story that skips through the entwined lives of Grace and Spencer. Each chapter a day that redefines their friendship, from the …

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Talk to me!


about 3 years ago Whitney Skutt said:

Not a problem at all! I enjoy reading your stuff. I wasn't on for months, and recently started checking it again because I become briefly obsessed with things and am either all in or all out haha. That probably makes me sound a little crazy, but oh well.

I'm glad you did take a moment and check it, and that it made your day! It was honest.


about 3 years ago BK Rivers said:

Please read/heart/review/comment as you see fit on my Brandon Sanderson contest entry. I will do the same for you!!

We Don't Need Another Hero

Avatar figment

over 3 years ago J Toro said:

Pitch my story. Hmmm... "Maternophobia" and "Maternophilia" are 10 and 5 mins. The last reviewer said she could not go on after the first one. If you're a horror fan, that shoulda done the job! ^^


almost 4 years ago Cheyenne Cacy said:

*This is NOT a swap!*

I would like to ask for a free read,

Please, give a minute of your time to read

"What Kind Of World Is This?"

Here is the link:

Thank you in advance!



almost 4 years ago Savanna Dilley said:

Ok, so I am going to try and pitch my story to ya now...

Macie is used to the structured and traditional life behind the great gates of her village. She is used to the chores, the training, the endless studies of tradition and lore. But, she is hounted by the calls of monsters in the night. They lurk just outside of the gates, and as her 15th birthday aproaches, she dreads the journey she must make alone...outside of the gates. Of the girls who leave the protection of the gates, only about half return. The girls who do return are forever changed, carry a young babe in their arms, and sport a pair of fangs, hung neatly around their necks. What truths lie waiting in blood?

I look forward to see if you give me some constructive critique, it would mean a lot to me.

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My Reviews

Silver Sunsets

(almost 4 years ago)

Review of chapter one (but I'll be reading on, so will possibly add more) Really, really great start. You introduce your characters re... Read More »

Three. Two. ONE

(almost 4 years ago)

Reviewing up to chapter four (which is your chapter two, if you know what I mean!) First off, this had a really great start. I loved t... Read More »