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  • Amityville-horror-bleeding-stairs
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    The Terror

    There is real evil in the world, some very unfortunate souls run into these evils and are given horrible death.

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  • Spear-hunter
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    A Prince of Warriors

    Gorryn is a prince to the warrior culture of the Runric tribe. in his tribe a boy must fight in a battle to become a man. it is Gorryn…

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  • Hell
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    A Symphony of Horror

    on Halloween night, the village of Devilwood become the neighbors to demons and other unholy beings for one night. they have a ritual …

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  • Monsters-moon-fantasy-art-werewolf-artwork
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    Slave to The Moon

    life is lonely when you are a slave to the moon, and it is even more lonesome when the monster within you is an uncontrolled beast

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  • Snake
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    The Children of The Serpent

    Alexander once wondered why he and his siblings were treated differently just because of who their father was, but now he no longer ca…

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  • Sword_of_hell_by_mattthesamurai-d4jo2ts
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    The Sagas of Beadwof

    in a time of valiant warriors and gods, the name Beadwof would rise to be known throughout all of Britain, a warrior, a slayer, a god,…

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Talk to me!


almost 4 years ago William Shakeshack said:

Also tell me what to read in return


almost 4 years ago William Shakeshack said:

Hey you up for a swap. If so please read "The Rules of Midnight (summary)" I need people to honestly review it.

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about 4 years ago Shayymin said:

Dear Amazing Followers,

I have just written and published part of my story, "Invisible Thorns" on Figment, and I was hoping you guys would read it! If you want, we can swap for the story too.

Thanks! =D


about 4 years ago Saja Sabbah said:

Anytime :D

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about 4 years ago Shayymin said:

Thanks for swapping with me! I'm glad that you liked my story, "The Christmas Jar"

Anyway, I read, hearted and reviewed, "A Symphony of Horror" just like you asked!

Thanks! =D

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My Reviews

The Christmas Jar

(about 4 years ago)

i must say that this is a very good story, and i think you should try and have this published for the holidays, it would make a great Chr... Read More »

Shards of A Broken Heart

(almost 5 years ago)

great story, your delivery of the message about bullying was perfect and you also didn't over do it, most people when trying send out mes... Read More »