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    Just a quick little poem I wrote in like 5 minutes.

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    The Crippled Shop

    A short story about an old tailor working in England. Please do leave comments and suggestions! :) It is suppose to be a point A to po…

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    To Write or Not to Write

    From the top of my head. Just some creative writing. it's sort of like a poem but not really. Just finished it. reviews are very helpf…

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    Guess What !

    DON'T READ THE DESCRIPTION OR THE COMMENTS UNTIL UR DONE READING THE STORY.Enjoy :) I tried to be as expressive as possible and well i…

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    Mon Cher

    Just felt like writing in french. Tried to do a bit of poetry. :) and well to be continued and it probably has alot of mistakes! PLeas…

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over 4 years ago S.J. Bouquet said:

Photo on 9-19-14 at 3.51 pm

over 4 years ago Nelle Hirano said:

Hello everyone! Today is the one year anniversary for Exciting Contests. To celebrate one, outstanding year, we have a few things for you guys! We will be hosting another Moderator test, but this time it's better. Instead of one or two moderators, we will be promoting SIX. Six new moderators! Along with that, we will be having a group contest. Come down to the group to check it out! Again, thanks for an amazing year of the group.

With Love,

The mods and admins at Exciting Contests

Beautiful world

over 4 years ago Alexia Fornah said:

Plz read any of the stories on my profile and leave comments. If you like plz leave hearts. If you want me to read one of your stories plz leave the title on my profile. Thank You!


over 4 years ago nikki foster (Kat) said:

hey could you read my haiku called forgotten, it is short so free reads would be nice but I understand if you need a swap

The doctor

over 4 years ago Daniel Alivan said:

hi, will you please read, the eastlands, I will read any of your books.

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My Reviews

Justice for Truth

(over 5 years ago)

I like the whole concept, i think it really captivated me. Alot of grammar mistakes, but i guess u'll fix tht once u proofread it a few t... Read More »

Flame and Ice

(over 5 years ago)

[for the swap please read "the crippled shop" thanks] I think the whole idea of the four races was quite interesting and fresh. So it wu... Read More »