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    Mermaid Waters

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    Elf Light

    When the King demands an Elven maiden for his bride many soldiers’ lives are lost in search of one. But when she is finally captured, …

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    Isabel is the only daughter of the king and the late queen and is destined to rule, but when her mother dies she is left with nothing …

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about 3 years ago Tyanna J Snider said:

Hello my lovely cover designing master. We have news! Cover Designs, one of the largest's cover making group on figment with 1,068 members and growing is now hiring! Yes Hiring!

How can you become one of our top designers? Here's how:

Step one: Join Cover designs. Step two: Go to the discussion "Designer Tryouts" and sign up for the tryouts! Step three: Participate in the challenge! Its that easy!

We hope to see you beautiful artists there!

~Cover Designs Admin


over 4 years ago Tempest Wild said:

Also, could you make me a picture not for a figment cover, but just as a photo-shopped picture? it would be for a blog titled, "pomegranates, rutabagas and other oddities" so it should be off that image


over 4 years ago Tempest Wild said:

hi there! i would love it if you would make me some covers!!! i don't know how you like to do it, if a cover is in exchange for a read/heart, but name your price, so to speak and i am sure we can come to an arraignment!!!


over 4 years ago Isis Leigh said:

Could you please read "one last thread"? I will read anything of yours in return:}


over 4 years ago Cait Cher said:

Hello there. Do you feel like swapping?

If yes, just tell me what you want to read (on my wall, not story), and use this link to go to my story:

If not or you already got this message, then ignore this.

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Never Ever

(over 5 years ago)

This is really sweet. I love the message and the big brother who comes through in the end. Very cute. My suggestion for imporvment would ... Read More »

They Call Me Thief

(over 5 years ago)

This is hilarious!! Slightly cheesy, but so worth the read. It reminds me of Ally Carter's writing style (Don't Judge a Girl by her Cover... Read More »