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About Me: Just recently won NaNoWriMo! Amazing experience! You can read some of my work at and You can find some more of my work on createspace @

Published Books

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    A Life Undone

    Alyson Pierce believed she was like any other seventeen year old girl. She was wrong. Very wrong. She believed her mother died giving birth to her, but Alyson was never born. Everything she knew to be true was a lie. Betrayed by the only family she knew, her "father", she sets out on a quest to find the truth. Along the way, she finds more than just herself. She finds a world where the distinction between right and wrong isn’t always clear and the truth she so desperately seeks, is more dangerous than the lies she was drowning in.

  • Night-578091_640-2

    When Knight Falls

    Jess Knight -- Sole survivor of the plane crash which killed her parents is left to depend on her eighteen-year-old sister, Fallon, for support.
    Hospital bills are piling up. Rent is overdue. Utilities are about to be turned off.
    Fallon is desperate. She does anything she has to for money. Anything.
    Nothing comes without a cost.
    Fallon is now dead and seventeen-year-old Jess is left to fend for herself.
    Can Jess bring Fallon's killer to justice without becoming another victim?

  • Cover-normal

    Diary Of A Fat Camp Drama Queen

    Follow sixteen-year-old Lucy on her journey into self-discovery after she is banished to fat camp and with the help of her new friends, has some zany adventures.

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about 1 month ago M.E.M. said:

I’d love it if you could read through a few of my more recent writings and tell me what you think of them.

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3 months ago Mina Autumn said:

Like to solve murder mysteries? Don't want to leave your house? Welcome to Murder Mystery Roleplay. In this group, you can create or solve a mystery along with other members. Roleplay starts August 4th. Hope to see you soon :)


6 months ago Skyrim Central (Rebecca Dior) said:

Sorry, I'm afraid I must decline.


6 months ago Aaliyah Jefferson said:

Hi,I don't mean to be a pest but Could you please review and vote my only book The Lost Princess? That would do me a lot of good if you would. Thanks.


6 months ago reefa said:

Hey there, I'd be glad to check out your story (Vision Zero) for you, but could you please check out my story Abyss for me in return? Thanks!

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