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  • Tlhea cover full
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    Truths and Lies of Happily Ever Afters

    Because in real life, there is so much more to a fairy tale ending than Disney leads you to believe. High school senior Jacob Barn…

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  • Scheherazade's mirror cover - full
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    Scheherazade's Mirror

    Because sometimes legends aren't just stories, and what lies on the other side of the mirror is far worse than reality. . . . . . .…

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  • Brotherhood cover - front
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    NaNoWriMo 2012! High school seniors Ian and Cameron are just two best friends growing up in the nineties, until one of them reveals…

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  • Overhead_stone_angel_statue_by_fantasystock
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    Set in Stone

    Despite having wronged no one, Juliet Carthot is convicted of black witchcraft. However the circumstances of her conviction leave the …

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  • Fire and rain
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    Thanks to the Rain

    Detective Sam Donovan never liked the rain, and this opinion had not changed as he headed off to an informational rendezvous, but when…

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  • Rghtpic05
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    The Tree House

    Six months ago Susie found out that her husband wouldn't be coming home from his tour in Iraq. But now, when her young son suddenly sp…

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over 4 years ago Twilight Stevens said:


Would you like to swap with me? I would just love some honest feedback about a few of my new contest entries. BUT WAIT! I'm not asking for hearts unless you seriously love my work. I have three contest entries at the moment, Just a different shade, Accidents Happen and The story of Gracie Lee. If you read and comment/review one of my books, I'll read and comment on one of yours. If you read and comment/review all three of my books, I'll read and comment on three of yours.

I thank you a lot already for your time. I promise to return any swaps that I except :) Also, I'm extremely sorry if you don't do swaps or if I've already asked you.

Thank you!

Love, Hugs and Oreo Cookies, Krystal xoxox


almost 5 years ago Victoria Guyadeen said:

Hey. Would you care to swap? If so could you please read "Words" Comments and hearts appreciated. It's a minute long. I'd prefer something under 5 minutes to read for you in return. Thank you for reading this and have a fantastic day. :)


almost 5 years ago Julia A said:

I loved your story "The Cinderfella Blog"! Could you read/heart "Imperfect?" please? Feel free to read any of my other writings! Thanks so much! Spread the word.


almost 5 years ago McKenna Marie said:

Hello! I was wondering if you'd like to swap. If so, please read "Gaurdians:Anakin?" I'll read anything in return. Thanks!


almost 5 years ago Raymond 'BigRay' Duran said:

Hello! Do you mind swapping? If you don't, then can you please read "In Retrospect"? It's a short story/novel that I am working on and I would really appreciate some feedback. Maybe a heart will bring a smile on my face. I'll return the favor by reading one of your stories or poems. Drop a comment on my profile to let me know which one you suggest! :)

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