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over 4 years ago Kylie Marie said:

Hey! Care to swap? Please read Love is Blind or Rebel. Let me know what you would like me to read in return. Thanks!


almost 5 years ago Paige Johnson said:

Thank you for following. This is a very exciting time for me as I just published my second book and have been invited to set up a booth at my first expo. :) If you have the time to preview and/or buy my paperbacks or Kindle eBooks, here is a link to such: You can also find me in the iBookstore and as a Facebook Page:

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almost 5 years ago Natasha V. said:

Hey! My friend Ali Hart posted a new story, and she would love some feedback. She hasn't been very active on Figment lately, and she'd really love if you could read/heart her story. It's called A Casual Explosion, and here's the link: If you want to swap, please reply on my wall, as she doesn't always check hers. :) Thanks, and I'm really sorry if she or I have already asked you or if you don’t like swaps!


almost 5 years ago Secret Author said:

Hi there! If you would, please check out "Straightaway" on my page and heart if you like it! If you'd like to make it a swap let me know. If you've already gotten this message from me before, my apologies and no response necessary, Cheers!


almost 5 years ago Emiliana Renuart said:

Hi! My story, The Edge of My Soul is a Seventeen magazine contest entry (500 word limit). If you have time to read and heart if you like it, I would be happy to do the same for you. Thanks! -Comment if you feel inspired to, but please don't feel obligated. :) Just let me know on my profile page what you would like me to read for you.

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