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  • Fire power
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    FTFC-Fanfiction Contest

    "I'm about to show you what us Fairy Tail wizards can do! Here I come!" *Fairy Tail is copyright of Hiro Mashima. I do not own any mat…

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  • Let winners be winners and losers,losers
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    Let Winners Be Winners And Losers,Losers

    A chess game played well but sadly just not well enough to win the match! Chess lovers out there, I know you feel the same way during …

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  • Girl-in-storm
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    This was an assignment I had to do for 'creative writing' class in school. My idea of the girl is that she's sort of autistic and her …

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  • Glooming rage
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    Glooming Rage

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  • In the dark
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    Stand Alone In The Dark

    They did it in the past...And if mistakes and history managed somehow to ever foolishly repeat itself again... This,in a corrupted fic…

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  • Love-hate-graphics-code-comments-pictures-funny
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    Sweet Sentimentality

    Just trying to put myself into my friend's shoes and see from her perspective when she got dumped. I also wanted to see if I could go …

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Talk to me!


over 2 years ago Ali Belair said:

Hi! We have created the second Fairy Tail Fan Club where we Role Play and chat about all things Fairy Tail. We hope you come to join us again.

The FTFC Admins


over 2 years ago astronaut said:

hey there, I was wondering if you would take a minute out of your day to watch my acoustic cover of "wild horses" by the Rolling Stones.

likes/subscribes and feedback would be greatly appreciated (if you enjoyed it!) :)

thank you so much and sorry to bother you!


over 2 years ago Angelec said:

your writing absolutely deserved it. tht was my true reaction to it. youre a great writer. keep up the brilliance.


over 2 years ago Angelec said:

thank you very much for you comment on the essence of life.

Ford mustang

over 2 years ago CeceO (On&off) said:

Hello, I'm hoping that you are having a wonderful weekend. Anyways, where was I? Yes. Will you like to swap with me? If you can, please read either ON THE RUN, LIFE OF CRIME,or DISTURBIA. Thank you so much! Have a great day!

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My Reviews

The Angel

(over 2 years ago)

This is a good story so far, you should so continue it. It has a nice plot. And the twist added in the end leaves the story with tension ... Read More »

Love Me More Anyway

(almost 3 years ago)

I love the descriptions of loneliness and sadness. You describe the emotions well; I can almost feel the isolation. I like the idea of th... Read More »