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    This is a poem about moving, obviously. I was inspired by a friend I had in elementry school who had to move out of state up to two t…

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    The Prayer Tree

    *All comments and critiques will be returned* Drew, a sixteen year old girl has grown up in a life of pain and fear. While struggli…

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almost 5 years ago Sophie Harris said:

hi there- I am trying to promote animal rights and prevent animal cruelty with my story, Beauty, Ugly. Will you give it a read?


almost 5 years ago Jinjin Tiger said:

Hey, about a week ago you posted on my wall to reread your piece, the prayer tree. Thanks for posting! I reread it, but honestly I can't really judge whether it has improved greatly or just slightly because when I first read it, it was 4 months ago, so forgive me for forgetting the story. So if your looking for some critique or judgement on whether it has improved, I can't really help on that but I can critique it with a clean slate, if that makes any sense. So here goes; Grammar; Converse-it's a brand named company so I believe it should be capitalized. The main problem grammar-wise was the fact that when you used "quotations". In several cases, You need to insert commas. So I would just Google quotation rules and read up on those a tad and then fix up your piece. Other than that, I didn't really notice anything. The story itself was interesting. Not really my cup of tea but nonetheless interesting. You imagery and rhetoric was absolutely brilliant. I could definitely picture the scenes in my head but you still left room for imagination, which is a great talent, at least I think it is, to have a balance of imagery. Not too much but not too little. And you have mastered this. Great job. So keep up the good work, and keep on writing this one, I can see a lot of potential! Anyways that's all I really have right now. I hope you check out my story Perplexing Piper, or at least part of it when you have time. :). I hope I helped!

Tennis racket

almost 5 years ago ❤tennisplayer_14❤ said:

Hey! If you happen to swap, would you mind checking out Beyond the Bounds of Possibility? I will read anything of yours in return for sure! Just let me know(:


almost 5 years ago J.A.D. Lumanta said:

Hi there. Could you please offer your feedback on my story (and a heart if you like)? It’s called FROZEN. I’d gladly return the swap-dee-doo for you! Thanks a bunch! :)))))


almost 5 years ago Ella said:

Would you care to swap with me? If you could read St. George's army (I'll read first if you want) and let me know what you think then that would be great.

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It's not Okay

(over 4 years ago)

Hello, you posted on my wall ages ago asking me to look at this and I have just gotten around to it, but I'm glad I finally did. I like w... Read More »

Te Amo

(almost 5 years ago)

Swap the Prayer Tree Chapter One So… I really don’t like your cover. I’m sorry, but it’s just sort of cluttered and overall, unprofes... Read More »