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9 months ago Hayley Ellison said:

Oh my Gosh!!! I found you, I'm in love, I love your books. Would you do a favor if you go on here, please read my book Nicole's Story. It's a novel based on your Divergent trilogy, which I honestly love too much (except Alligiant. that made me sad.) any who, when you do get this message. please read Nicole's Story, it would be an honor. (Wacth Divergent opening night, and I loved it all, except the part they forgot the stabbing of Edwards eye. but I thought Neil Burger did an amazing job, I love the person who plays Tobias in the movie Theo James. Which did an amazing job.) bye and happy writing!!! XOXO


about 1 year ago Jessie Marie said:

I love your books!


over 1 year ago Veronica Fee said:

Do you spend time on Figment?

I suppose that you are busy with the movie, and the third book, and...well-perhaps things that don't concern any of us! :)

But I would like to tell you something. Something that I want you to see.

You've inspired so many people, your words give writers hope, your characters inspire admiration, your success is celebrated!

The way you write, it seems like you are reading the main characters actual thoughts. Because thoughts sound that way, and I find it amazing how you could do that. :0

Anyway, I wonder if you agree with the movie cast? I'm sure you do, I would, if it meant they were MAKING A FREAKING MOVIE OUT OF MY BOOK! (Sorry, excited moment.)

But the world loves your books, and the world of writers loves you. Just wanted to say, that maybe you could look at the works of other popular writers on Figment! Not many "verified authors" on here do. It would be such a treat and I'm sure they would freak out if they saw a comment from you! (Can you even comment or is this just sort of a 'blah' profile, if you know what I mean.)

Now, I'm sure you are wondering who in Sam heck is this weird girl commenting on your profile with all this crap to say to you, but- ah! She has said nothing of herself!

Comment on my profile sometime, maw ha ha, and maybe you shall see. :)

Good luck Veronica!


over 1 year ago A girl named Liz said:

I can't believe you're on Figment!! Your series is like my ALL TIME FAVORITE!!! I love divergent and insurgent and can't wait for Allegiant!! So stoked!!

Duck baby

over 1 year ago websterduck said:

I really love your books! You help inspire me to write books myself, and your books are the favorite books of many of my friends and my two of my teachers. Keep writing and rock on!

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