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over 1 year ago X. Fillmore said:

Here's another admiring nobody out there in the world, dreaming of the same path that you have taken to fame, one unspectacular amateur (if that) writer and reader among countless others. As many others have said before, I do admire your work, and I sincerely hope that you keep writing books that continue to inspire other miscellaneous readers.

And I wish that you were more active on minor writing websites (at least minor to you, I'm sure) where you could support and raise up small writers like us. We're just getting started in this little village, but you've already taken the difficult journey to the big city.


over 2 years ago Jessie Marie said:

I love your books!


almost 3 years ago A girl named Liz said:

I can't believe you're on Figment!! Your series is like my ALL TIME FAVORITE!!! I love divergent and insurgent and can't wait for Allegiant!! So stoked!!

Duck baby

almost 3 years ago websterduck said:

I really love your books! You help inspire me to write books myself, and your books are the favorite books of many of my friends and my two of my teachers. Keep writing and rock on!


about 3 years ago Isabella Whitgift said:

I loved Divergent so much!!! Your writing has been such an inspiration to me, thank you and keep up the good work!

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