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  • The struggle
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    The Struggle

    The other side beckons, but do you listen?

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  • Thebanished
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    The Banished

    A young girl, Gladis, is pushed out of her home land by a terrible accusation and now must go and find the person responsible to set t…

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    Part of me?

    Evelyn is one messed up girl. Her total oppisite Lyn is too. Wether Lyn is a part of Evelyn or is some evil spirit is unknown, however…

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about 5 years ago m said:

Hey! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing Life After Riley. The version you read is actually horribly old, and I have been meaning to update it. The story is currently in the process of being published as a real live book, so due to copy rights and stuff, I can't put up the final copy, but I'll be sure to put up on of the more recent drafts. You mentioned why she was looking at colleges at 15? Easy explanation, I kept changing the ages of Riley and Melissa. They were originally 17, but then I thought they should be younger so they couldn't drive back and forth. Then I made them 15 and forgot to change it! And I'm really sorry about your Aunt. Chemo really is horrible, from what I know about it, but if it helps, god bless it. I wish her the best. If/when I do put a newer version of LAR up, would you mind reviewing it again? I always graciously accept criticism. Thanks so much! -May


about 5 years ago David Nolan said:

If I've already asked you this, or you don't do wall swaps, I apologize, and please just ignore this post.) Hi i was wondering if you wanted to do a reading swap. If you read (and heart if deserving) my story Sacrifice, I will read, comment with my honest opinion on, and heart anything. And if you could read (and heart?) by Tuesday, it would be great, as that is when the voting period for the contest im in ends! Thanks, let me know!


over 5 years ago Rachel Bennett said:

Hello!!! I'm trying to draw attention to my story "A Pairing Of The Unwanted" for a contest. I was hoping that you could maybe read it! Hearts, comments, and reviews are greatly appreciated as well. If you feel like you need something in exchange for checking out my story, then tell me on my wall what you want me to read of yours.


over 5 years ago Dante Maretto said:

Thank you I still havent got the grasp of grammar properly yet Fury is a minor character in one of my stories but i've been using him in character chats and decided to write a little story about him

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over 5 years ago Faraway Hana said:

Thanks for reviewing Time. :3 I'm sorry it confused you. I tried to leave it vague without confusing the reader, but I will definitely try to make this a bit clearer. Also, I'm sorry that you didn't like how the main character was left with no description, but it was intentional. :3 However, I may change this later. Anyway, thanks again!

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Because of Jenna

(about 5 years ago)

Im confused. I don't know who is who or whats really going on for most of. It may be that I'm reading it wrong or something of that natur... Read More »

The Bone Collector

(over 5 years ago)

I liked it. I always love a good twisted plot. You had a lot of grammatical errors. Mostly on the placement of commas and the ending to y... Read More »