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  • Frustration-300x199
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    Will has never known what to do with his life. That is until one night, he figures it out and everything changes. For the better or wo…

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  • 000havoc
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    <b>[Don't Turn Around Contest Entry]</b> Ethan and his group have only two things in mind. 1.) Free the slaves. 2.) Kill Marcus. …

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  • Cover-normal
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    Hell's Angels

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  • Morphl
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    Kaci has a family secret that she must keep hidden but a boy at school, Ezekiel, is determined to figure out why she keeps hiding it. …

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about 4 years ago L. L. Violette said:

I re-published it. It should be good now. :)



over 4 years ago Dylan Furr said:

I read one of your stories, cam you read one of mine called The Smell Before Rain?

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over 4 years ago Margaryta said:

I'll get right to my part, there might be a bit of a delay because something came up in the family. Sorry if I won't get to it this second but I promise I'll do my part!


over 4 years ago Cait Cher said:

Hello, fellow Figmenter! Have you heard the news? Cait Cher Contests is coming back from the dead! I've had an absence, and now I'm back. New contests will be up, and even you can make your own! Please join! All you have to do is clink here.

over 4 years ago Emi B said:

Can I have your heart? I need it to be complete and I don't feel whole without you ;)

I'd love it if you would swap with me (reads/comments/hearts)

Check out my story "Trash" and I'll return the favor.

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My Reviews

Bridge Ville

(almost 4 years ago)

Good start. The only two issues I had was that the first few paragraphs should have mentioned more why Kelly and Daren had to take the k... Read More »

The Love Game

(about 4 years ago)

This was a very interesting idea. From what I read it was good but there were some issues. In a paragraph, you use "humble, rotting apart... Read More »