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    Promises in the Dark

    Struggling in a relationship frowned upon by an illicit agency, an agent must decide between promises to his work or his heart, even a…

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    Death Toll Rising

    On the search for a volatile serial killer, Selene and her ex-rival Halden find themselves in a complicated situation after angering a…

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Talk to me!


almost 2 years ago Mel Jane said:

Hello fellow Fig! Do you like books about magic? About making justice? About dynamic and empowered characters? Maybe you’d enjoy my first novel, The Secrets of the Earth and the Sea!

I finished the first draft recently and I’m looking for some feedback for the second draft! If you’d be so kind to leave a semi-detailed review on some or all of it (no pressure to read more than you want to!) I’d really appreciate it!

I will of course return the favor! I will read and review an equal amount of any of your works (it can be multiple works), as well as follow you! I also make covers, and I’ll make one cover for each chapter you read/review. Feel free to split the swap up any way you want! Just leave a comment on my profile!


almost 5 years ago Rachel Maller said:

Would really appreciate if you would read and heart Hope Forgotten. It's only about 2 minutes long. Will read anything of yours for the swap. Thanks!


about 5 years ago Morgan Manning said:

Hi there, would you like to swap? I would love some genuine feedback on The Fairy Question, and a heart if you like it. I'd be happy to do the same for any story of yours!

I'm the same way btw- if a book is good, I'll read it. I've been reading tons of YA too! Have to break up the 1000 page books with something lighter once in a while :)


about 5 years ago Alexandra Ray said:

Hey! Would you like to swap? If so can you read The Westerlies - it's in a contest that's ending soon and needs the hearts, if you deem it worthy of one. Let me know what you'd like me to read in return!


over 5 years ago M. Smith said:

Hi there! I was wondering if you would like to swap with me. If so, I was hoping you could read my short story War Is Hell for me, and then I'd be happy to return the favor. If not, that's perfectly fine. Thanks a million!

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