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over 3 years ago LEAVE TO DELETE said:

Want to get rid of unwanted groups? Then please check my group Delete you groups:


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over 3 years ago kas is actually kas said:

Hello there fig. I could use some more reads on my novel, "Whiskey, Cigarettes and Something More", mostly later chapters. If you read up to chapter 3, I would love to say that's about 12 minutes, more or less. Whatever you have time to read, I will certainly appreciate. I will happily swap for anything 12 minutes or under. Have a swagalicious day.

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almost 4 years ago R. L. Whetten said:

Hello fellow writer! Would you like to swap with me? If so, please read my short story "Above Suspicion" and let me know what you would like me to read. Thank you, and happy writing!


over 4 years ago Carlos Ordaz said:

Hello my name is Carlos Ordaz and like many of you I'm an aspiring author. Writing is my passion and I'm sacrificing time from college to pursue my dreams. It would mean a lot to me if you could swap with me. Just read anything on my page that interests you and I'll gladly return the favor. I would also appreciate it if you follow me but only if you think I deserve it after reading my work. Thank you for your time and support it means a lot. I'm just another aspiring author attempting to build a fan base


over 4 years ago Lydia D. Sharpe said:

Dearest follower,

Thank you so much for giving me all the love and support that you have for my writing. In the past I used to be an extremely active fig but college became a large stumbling block in the way of my creativity. I apologize for not updating my work in the past year or so but I am pleased to tell you I will live to write another day! I would appreciate it if you could check out my newest piece, Passing Ships! I have so much planned for this summer and hope you continue to follow me through my writing journey :) If you would like me to read one of your pieces just comment on my page, mention this letter, and be sure your still my follower. Feel free to talk to me whenever, I love making new friends and chatting with old ones.

Best wishes, Lydia D. Sharpe

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