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  • Rosemary
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    A young girl named Rosemary, is a sleuth, she spends most of her time solving crimes, she thinks she's seen it all, but nothing will p…

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  • Images
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    It's just life.

    Just a short rapid-paced little story about a 16 year old girl going through normal fears.

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    Furry Friend

    Just a short poem about my cat and I.

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  • Fairies-fairies-28045314-547-758
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    The Pixies

    A young girl discovers that she is one of the very few fairies that ever lived along with her best friend !

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  • Best friends
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    Best Friends

    a poem about your best friends

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  • Cover7
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    The Wizard

    A young girl gets bit by a magic spider then turns into a wizard! Please heart!!!

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Too late 3

over 2 years ago C.A.M. said:

Can you please read my poem "An 'Accident'"? I think it's very relatable and I would really appreciate your opinion!


almost 3 years ago Sierra said:

Hey! Long time no see! Voices is now updated through Chapter five with a few new plot twists, and Chapter Six is being written! Heave a great day!


about 3 years ago Juliet Hurwitz said:

Hello! Sorry if I'm butting into your business, but would you like to join the Spread the Figgie Love Challenge group? We are planning on holding challenges every week that involve reading and giving feedback on a random Figgie's writing to brighten up their day. We need twenty-five members before the challenges can begin! If you're interested, here is the link: And if you're not interested, or you hate group ads, I apologize for intruding on your space. Have a great day! :)


about 3 years ago Erika Tappy said:

Heya! You requested me to give you updates so I'm here to say that the ninth chapter of Fire and Ice is finally up! Hope you enjoy reading it and comments/reviews are greatly appreciated! :)


about 3 years ago Erika Tappy said:

Sorry about the Sydney in the last comment! It's a copy/paste message so please ignore that name!

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Blazing Blizzard

(over 3 years ago)

What a fabulously written story! You should think about publishing something. I just caught one little thing: Dawn; Chapter 2; Paragra... Read More »


(over 3 years ago)

I really liked this story! Can't wait for an update! Here is some of the errors: Paragraph 3 Sentence 2: You wrote "People would thr... Read More »