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    Rain of heartbreak

    A haiku by maggie about heartbreak. I will love it if you hearted this. It will mean alot.

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    A letter to my sister

    I remember us laughing when we were younger Your hair blew in the wind And your laughter made our mother say it was like an angel …

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    Something Wicked this Way Comes

    An into to a story about witches, honest criticism is greatly appreciated.

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    City Smoke

    A story set in a dystopian world where America is split. A girl must choose between love or a war.

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    City of the Lost

    The children of the city, La Ciudad de los Perdidos are being taken for ransom by the people sworn to protect them, the cops. Follow o…

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    When Penny finds her self bound and gagged, how will she ever escape?

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about 4 years ago Lydia S. said:


over 4 years ago Elizabeth said:

"True enough, this compass does not point north." "...Where does it point?" "It points to the thing you want most in this world."

Hello, my dear friend :) I was wondering if you could take a look at my piece, The Missing Compass? It’d only take three minutes of your precious time and I’d be happy to review any number of your pieces in return! I pour a piece of myself into every story I write, and it would mean the world to me if you could give feedback and maybe a heart if deserving. If not, I’m terribly sorry for bothering you. Have a great day :)



over 4 years ago M.H. said:

Hey, Maggie. Just a friendly reminder about our swap. It's been ten days since I read "Rain of Heartbreak" like you asked and I still haven't seen any sort of response to "WRONG" on your part. I understand that things get busy, but I wanted to be sure you hadn't forgotten. Hope to see your thoughts on my work soon. Thanks.



over 4 years ago Krystal Fragoso said:

Done, please heart Dangerous Love.


over 4 years ago Jayleena Weston said:

This, sadly, is a copy-and-paste message. Why? Because it's contest season on Figment, and writing out individual pleas to read my piece would take way too long.

(I promise you, I hate these too.)

SO! I entered the "FanFiction" contest, and my piece really needs some love to even start to make it to the top ten. It IS a heart-based contest (now I'm doing two things I hate), so, honestly, you don't even have to read it. Just click the heart and go.

I'm willing to swap, and I will go first if you wish, but I would much rather just have free reads. Again, contest season. Anything that takes away from precious promoting time is, well, I'm pretty sure you understand.

Bet your bottom dollar, you'll love it!

Thank you for putting up with this!!! :D

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My Reviews

Something Wicked this Way Comes

(almost 4 years ago)

Thank you so much! And that was actually what I planned to do but I never really got to it.... I think that I will now! Read More »


(over 4 years ago)

Yay! This was really good. I liked your voice, it was strong and steady and not whiny and annoying. Your imagery was spot on and I am ups... Read More »