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    Mikhail Valentine


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    Deadly Love

    Passion.Revenge.Jealousy will all be put to the test for Jade. Jade was just an ordinary girl who loved life, but when she came across…

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    © 2013 All Rights Reserved AMAZING COVER BY ALEX EPICNESS!

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5 days ago Avalon Nightwick said:

Bibliophile: A lover of books, or one who collects them. Does this sound like you? Then come join me in my new group Nightwick Bookclub where we discuss and debate our favorite books and writers, bash the ones we hate, and discover new ones. http://figment.com/groups/26849-Nightwick-Bookclub


3 months ago Liv said:


3 months ago AmethystCrystal24 said:

Based on a review you gave someone else I thought you will find this interesting. "Wait For It" is my novel that is progressing really well and getting a lot of positive attention. It is about a boy who is dealing with mostly verbal abuse from his single parent father while trying to survive his last year of high school unnoticed. Recently, he defended another boy from being bullied and this causes him so much unwanted trouble. He used to be safe and hidden amongst the unacknowledged students, but now because of his interference, students everywhere are starting to know his name...Christopher Strong! He is now thrusted into a world where he doesn't have to just survive being at home, school or a possible love life, he gets to actually live life and feel something more than just fear. Chris initially wished he could reverse time and go back to when he didn't have to try, but obviously that can't happen; so he has decided to take control of his own life for once and make an attempt to get to that moment in his life where true happiness lies and not just be alone and broken. He doesn't want to wait for it but that's all he can do! (p.s. this is not a story about abuse but rather a young boy transitioning into a young man by letting people in) ENJOYMENT GUARANTEED, CHECK IT OUT FOR YOURSELF!!!


3 months ago Abby A said:

Aww It's okay, thanks for telling me! I hope everything works out well!


3 months ago Jezєвєℓ ⓚⓐⓣⓔⓡⓘⓝⓐ said:

:D it's nice to hear from you! And sure, take your time! I hope everything will be okay!


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Tree of Death

(7 months ago)

I really love where you are taking this. I mean Arian and Emery start to develop a relationship. I really loved the interactions between ... Read More »

June Rockwell and the Ward Master

(9 months ago)

Alright, this was very well written. I mean I fell in love with that remarkable story. You introduced the book so well I was well intrigu... Read More »