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  • Thelunchgroup
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    The Lunch Group

    A family of four navigates the trials of deciding lunch through text.

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  • 12dayscover
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    12 Days of College Christmas

    Barker Hall residents celebrate 12 Days of Christmas: college style.

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  • Frombirth
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    From Birth

    Birthday card messages display the yearly developments between sender and receiver. --- More: Linda sends a birthday card almost eve…

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  • Stickysituationcover
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    Sticky Situation

    What starts as a simple reminder quickly escalates into a sticky (note) situation involving a troublesome roommate.

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  • Wintertidecover
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    Winter brings the tide of a family. This short story is an entry for Figment's Winter Writing contest. The story covers a family's …

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  • Icecover
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    Trying to help his anxious neighbor, a boy journeys for a remote place in the cold. This story is an entry for Figment's Winter Wri…

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about 2 years ago Christina Joshy said:

I really enjoyed your story. I found it quite unique and different. Will you pls read my story, 'The conjunctive tale of love and death'? It would really mean a lot, do leave me a honest comment/review.


almost 3 years ago Jasmine Anne Fortier said:

Are you willing to swap? I'll read one of your stories if you read ether "Mama what's Snow", or "Inspiration through the Ages"

I believe in her

over 3 years ago Tate Thurgood (KONY 2012) said:

Hi there, Macy, I just stopped by to say that 'Sight' was one of the featured books today. Congrats! :)

Mouse cutie

almost 5 years ago Simply Grace said:

Hello.Would you like to do a swap? If you are interested could you read/heart my story "The Silent Cry". I will read anything in return. Thanks, and happy writing.


almost 5 years ago T. R. Nosyla said:

Hi! I was wondering if you'd like to swap? I'll read anything of yours if you read/comment/heart my story "Heavy" Thank You!

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