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    Guardians Of The Light

    The afterlife's never been eternal bliss. It's a battle field. The constant struggle between Angels and Demons is as old as death itse…

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  • Peter
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    Moonlight Farewell

    It's time for me to leave Neverland; to face the world I'd run from. But there was one thing left to do first...

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    Murder For safety

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  • Elf
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    The Place that Time Forgot

    Every day Maia is abused by her drunk father. Every night she's sent to the land of her dreams. Tonight, she finds herself against the…

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  • Demons
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    The Sacrifice

    The Black Lake Village is a dark place, filled with Demons coming to hunt every night. To save themselves they offer a sacrifice every…

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  • Apocalypse
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    The Apocalypse Generation

    The world is at it's end. There's not a single safe place left, and people are dying everyday. Yet, there is one single shred of light…

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My blue eye

about 4 years ago Behind Sapphire Eyes said:

OMG HEY ROSE?! I haven't talked or seen you in forever! Thanks for reading, Hope for the Hopeless and I'm glad you liked it! How are you?

Elephant b&w

about 4 years ago Emma Mackenzie said:

Hello, just reviewed Guardians of the Light! Please read and review my short story "Oh, She Loved So Much" thanks :)

Me pic in costume nancy drew

about 4 years ago Katie Murphy said:

Hello, Sophia! :c) If you like Doctor Who, I invite you to read my story called 'Next of Kin'. Its my first fanfiction for this fantastic show, and I would love some Whovian reviews! Thanks!


about 4 years ago reefa said:

Hey, I was wondering, where do you get your covers? Just asking? Nice too see you again!


about 4 years ago reefa said:

Umm. Hi. Are you the right person? I'm Krystal, the one who likes to PM you on fanfiction. You told me to leave a comment.

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(over 4 years ago)

This is a great story. A wonderful read. Your dialouge flows easily, and your imagery is gold. I wish you would use it more often. Read More »

Brokenpaw's Prophecy

(about 5 years ago)

Okay first of all I really like the idea for all this. It's really cool :D And it's amazing that the warrior names actually don't suck be... Read More »