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    The Clinic

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    To My Sixteen-Year-Old

    A little message to my sixteen-year-old, before I become her mother and therefore know absolutely nothing about life. The "drama" tag …

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    Love Letters (Revised)

    It seems so strange that, for weeks, I’ve had no idea- and yet you’ve been there all along. A secret. Tucked away safe inside me. W…

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    "Do you like reading?" "I...I really couldn't say."

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    Locked In Glass Houses

    This is a bit of a prequel to "Love Letters", although I think it could still be understood on its own. Thank you to Maria Krause fo…

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    I'll Stand By You

    His future is free. She's had a noose around her neck from the day she was born.

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5 months ago Hells Night said:

Hey. Would you like to be apart of a contest? Would you like more likes on your books? How about getting recognized? Well come and join contests, my group.


7 months ago Eowyn Doyle said:

Creative Contests is having a comeback! Please come check it out! Note: please remove your book from the member's books unless it has won a contest to prevent things from become cluttered.


over 1 year ago C. Sibley said:

Hello, fellow Les Miserables fan! Would you like to do a swap? If you could read my newest story, titled "Manipulation of Manipulation", leave a heart, reaction, comment, and/or review, that would be awesome! I'll do the same for you on whichever story of yours you'd like. Hope to hear from you soon! Happy writing!


over 1 year ago Payton M. said:

Hey fellow Figgie! How are you, would you like to swap? If so, please have a look at From Behind the Shadows and let me know your thoughts! Have a blessed day!

I also do follow for follow if you're interested!


over 1 year ago Rosemarie Nicole Mele said:

I am doing great! I finally got a 4.0 GPA for last semester. I was going insane. I am also headed to India for five months for the coming fall semester.

I start on the reviews now. Also I was wondering if you wanted to check out Time's Bastard? It is the new book I just started

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My Reviews

Time's Abandoned

(over 1 year ago)

So I've just read the prologue for now but my initial thoughts are all positive! Love the imagery of Time and Death as people, and how hi... Read More »

Blazing Blizzard

(almost 2 years ago)

Chapter Ten Just realised that Prince Adrian and his mysterious father are Dusk and Charles! I don’t think this was anything to do wit... Read More »