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    Flying Free

    So I just want to say that this is my first fanfic :) One Direction based, of course. I hope you enjoy it! I will update it whenever …

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  • Cover-normal
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    FOR THE JAMES PATTERSON CONTEST!! :D Yes, I understand it's lacking details and I blame the word limit! It was already hard to li…

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    All I Hear

    This is my entry for the EchoContest! **GOAL OF 200 HEARTS!** Please Read!

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    Grape Lollipops

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  • Time
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    In Time

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  • Bokeh
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    Poem inspired by Maya Angelou's "Life Doesn't Frighten Me" I wrote this in seventh grade last year as a part of my portfolio...(:

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over 4 years ago Trail of Glitter said:

Hi! I am in dire need of your help. Please HEART “The Story of Lena and Devon” for a contest that end TODAY. I will read/heart something from you. Just post on my WALL what you want me to read. Follow for follow? Thanks so much, Figgie


over 4 years ago J.J. Alim said:

Hey there! Will you help me out? I wrote “Caught in the Crossfire”, “More than Words Can Ever Say” and “Symbionts” for different heart-based contests and I’m desperate for hearts. Would greatly appreciate hearts for all three but if you’re not up for free hearts/reads, I’m sorry for this post. Thanks for your time. ~J.J.


over 4 years ago Kia Alan said:

Hello! I read your story to complete our swap. However, due to a heap of swaps to get back to I will not be commenting much but please know I HAVE read each and every one of your stories and enjoyed them all. Thank you for swapping with me! Hope you have a great day. With love, Kia


over 4 years ago Kia Alan said:

Would you like to swap? If so please read Arachnophobia and I'll read anything in return. Thank you!


over 4 years ago J. Li said:

Thanks for swapping!

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My Reviews


(about 5 years ago)

The main character is soo evil D: but i really do like how you wrote it from the bad guy's point of view; i know it's kind of difficult ... Read More »

Broken Wings

(about 5 years ago)

The first thing I noticed was the use of the name, Atticus, because it reminded me of "To Kill A Mockingbird" and my class just read that... Read More »