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    The Immortals

    For the past ten centuries, Anne and Isabel have lived their lives as normally as possible. But when Isabel meets her now-elderly frie…

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  • Aarde
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    The sun is dying, but humanity refuses to perish with it. After years of research, the government finds planets suitable for life outs…

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  • The voice's cover
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    The Voices

    Ever since her twin brother Andrew was killed in 4th grade,Cassy has had voices in her head talking to her. She trusts them, after all…

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  • Old chair
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    I will be safe

    When Amanda's best friend decides to do something that will change their town's lives forever, will she have the guts to stop him? Or …

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  • Lost causes
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    Lost Causes

    We all try to fix Lost Causes, but what about when you finally give up on them?

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almost 3 years ago Melanie Camacho said:

Could you please take a look at my story? Just copy and paste the link at the bottom :) It is only about 2,500 words total. I want to submit it to schools or something. What do you think about it?

Daisy is just a normal nine-year-old girl until her sisters suicide turns her world upside down not to mention her parents divorce. In order to help her with her anger problems, her mom buys her a diary.


over 3 years ago onefootinhellalready said:

Sailor star is a group of teenage boys and girls who are each chosen by a star to protect the world from evil doers.

Together you will fight to maintain peace!

Each star has different powers and abilities.

When fighting you will take up the power of the star that has chosen you to fight.

Being a Sailor star means you can fly, have strength, and you own stars ability.

While a normal human, you still have your abilities however not as strong.

However the other half of the time you are average school students.

You need to fight Super Nova, the rouge stars chosen ones.

What star will choose you?


over 3 years ago raindrop said:

Hi Sophie! Talked to you way back when (...mock debate? I don't even know) about religion and stuff. Just dropping in to say hi :)

Screen shot 2015-07-14 at 6.16.00 pm

over 3 years ago Aye Aight said:

HEY OMG HI! Check out my new (not) Wizard Of Oz Roleplay! You'll love it.

Ford mustang

over 3 years ago CeceO (On&off) said:


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Together Forever

(about 4 years ago)

There's a few things wrong with the flow and grammar of your writing. First, everything seemed a bit choppy and rushed ("I walked to my b... Read More »

The Smell Before Rain

(over 4 years ago)

This was just a bit... unrealistic. The mom played major favoritism, being Abby's best friend but then being extremely strict and impatie... Read More »