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almost 5 years ago Julie S said:

Dear Friendly Fig-

I’m checking my backpack to see if I have anything of worth to swap with at the Figment Swap Meet…It seems I have struck a goldmine! I have wonderful books that are great for everyone to read. I’ll now head over to the Market and shall write here later for the results of my journey. Farewell for now.

-Later. I have returned from the Figment Swap Market with some high demands for my stories. People want to swap with me, and that’s great! I need more people to trade with, though. Would you like to bargain with me? If you read and at LEAST read/comment on “The V-Hab Breakout,” I will return the favor. Name your price and please post your answer on my profile page.* Free swaps are always appreciated. I plead mercy if you hate seeing these posts on your wall or if you've seen this already.

*For your side of the swap, please try and have your story be approximately the same length as The V-Hab Breakout. If you do not like vampire stories, please instead at least read and comment on both “He Who Will Not Be Helped” and “A Rescue I Will NEVER Forget.” If I haven’t held up my side of the swap, please remind me. It might take me a couple days. Thank you!

almost 5 years ago Jennifer Mobley said:

Hello :) I have created a hunger games roleplay :) I hope you join!!!


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You are beautiful

almost 5 years ago Beth Penrose said:

Hey, would you be interested in reading Tick Tock, my Doctor Who fanfic? I would be willing to read something of yours

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about 5 years ago Destiny Greene said:

Hi! wanna swap? if so, could you read bucket of sorrow or wings for me? If not, just ignore. post on my wall if you want me to read anything of yours


about 5 years ago Leafwing said:

Hey, would you like to swap? If so, can you read Columbine Cliffs? Thanks!

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