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    -ContestOver- In my entry for the forgotten contest, Lauren wakes up in the hospital to find Franky sitting beside her. Franky says he…

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  • H and g
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    Hansel & Gretel

    Hansel & Gretel in present time :) This is my remake of the old fairy tale. It was originally for the Make believe contest but ended u…

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    -ContestOver- In my entry for the runaway contest, you'll see that not all siblings get along... This story is the DEFINITION of don't…

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    How do you live with yourself?

    Just a short little story. I was bored. I don't usually write depressing stories so dont judge too much :) ~~COMPLETED~~

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    It's simple. Highschool = drama. ~~STILL IN PROGRESS~~

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    We're Girls...Get used to it

    There's always that classic tale of the popular girl, the loser girl, and the girl somewhere in the middle. But this story is differen…

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4 months ago Rebekah Scott said:


about 1 year ago ForestWalker said:

Hello fellow Figgie! I am in great need, and kindly ask for your help. I have an entry in the brandonsanderson contest called 'Burning Rage' if you could please read it(and possibly heart?) I would be ever grateful. I promise to read something in return, as long as it's roughly the same length or shorter than my entry. it might take me awhile to read yours though, if it seems like I have forgotten, just post on my page. Have an amazing day!:)

Looking at your profile pic makes me hungry...


almost 2 years ago Lily K. said:

You up for a swap? If so, please read my 400 word story for the Figment In Love contest, Gravity! Let me know on my profile what you would like in return ASAP! If not, sorry for the bother :) Lily K.


about 2 years ago Cally Ryanne said:

Hey there! If you're getting this message, it's because you previously showed interest in the sample of my novel ALL OF THE DEMONS that's up on my page awhile ago. I haven't been super active on Figment lately, but I'm happy to say there's a good reason for it - All of the Demons was picked for publication by REUTS Publishing! It's set to be released under the new title ECHOES OF BALANCE on December 17th. Just wanted to update you in the event you wanted to read more! You can get in touch with me personally as well as checking out my blog, twitter, and goodreads page for more information about ECHOES OF BALANCE. Stay tuned for an updated sample of the book, too! Thanks so much for your support. :) Have a great day!

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All That Remains - Short

(over 3 years ago)

No! Haha I want to see how the fight goes :( I kept trying to scroll some more when I got to the end, seeing if some more would magically... Read More »

Get Another Boyfriend

(about 4 years ago)

This was a great story and a good idea but: You give us too much imformation at first. It's obvious that you want us to know these thi... Read More »