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about 5 years ago Tory lebeau said:

Hello, would you like to swap please read this short story. (An Almost Perfect Day) its for a project. its not edited but will be later when i add more. tell me what you think and heart it. (If you think i should get a heart) i'll read anything of yours just tell me what on my wall thanks. (Ps. Sorry if i already asked)


about 5 years ago Linn Kirchhoff said:


I am in a contest and need to make it in the top 10 to get judged, currently I am in 14th and I could use some help!

Could you check out The Edge for me and if you like it, vote for me by hearting my story?

If you would like me to check out something of yours in exchange just let me know by posting on my wall!

Thanks so much!


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