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almost 4 years ago Jessica said:

Hello there! So like almost everyone else who writes comments on your page I would love to know if you would be willing to swap with me. I am a horrible person and have not been on in almost a year,so I am determined to be more diligent about keeping up to date with my page and any new requests. If you would like to swap please read anything of mine that catches your interest. I have added a few new pieces but have done very little editing to them. Please write on my wall letting me know what you would like me to read in return. Thanks so much!


over 4 years ago Dreamless Nights said:

Hello stranger, I am looking for feedback for my story, I would love to do the same for one of your stories, however I feel compelled to say I do not do heart swaps I only like a story if I actually like it.


over 4 years ago S. E. Cates said:

Interested in a swap? I'll swap hearts and/or reads for "The Carnival of Fallen Stars". Just let me know on my wall of you're down!

**Sorry if I've been here before**


over 4 years ago Cait Cher said:

Hello there. Would you like to swap with me? If yes, you can either read Dangerous, Won't Because I Can't, or both. I'll let you choose. I'll read anything you wish.

P.S. If you had read these, I completely apologize to you all.


almost 5 years ago Kira Martin said:

Hello there! We have swapped before, and if you’re not busy, I’d like to do it again. If you want to swap, please read Meeting the Parents, and comment on my profile for what you would like me to read. Free reads are very much appreciated but not expected. Thanks!

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