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    Why I Write

    This was my part of a collabopoem that I wrote with a few students. It was a really fun process, and our reading at open mic night wen…

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    There is actually nothing about fish in this poem.

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    My Rock and Roll Classroom

    This is my entry in the Billy Collins poetry contest. The assignment was to write a poem of 40 lines or fewer that begins with the fir…

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    Garden Sun

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Talk to me!


over 5 years ago marilyn monroe said:

HEY! I loved your stories! Wanna swap? You can read ‘remembering Neverland’ and I’ll read anything you like! Thank you very much! You won’t regret reading it! Please also comment below or ‘heart’

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almost 6 years ago Sean Hammond said:

Hello Ms.Lamp! It is I- Sean.


about 6 years ago Tia Gorhau said:

hey ms. Lamp. this site is so much fun for writers! hope u have as much fun as possible!


over 6 years ago Sara Lau said:

Hi Ms.Lamp! You know you can advertize on the forums (in particular the self promo forum) so people will read your work!


over 6 years ago Michelle Lampinen said:

Hey there! Thanks! I'm figuring out how this works- it's fun!

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