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  • Mr. big bad wolf 2 9.5.15
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    Mr. Big Bad Wolf

    For the Carnival of Figgies, Scene 3. Prompt: Write a story about trust, and incorporate the quote, "With the new day comes new streng…

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  • The jackal and the cliff jump 1 8.9.15
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    The Jackal and the Cliff Jump

    For the Carnival of the Figgies, Scene 2. "In the dark recesses of the mind, a disease known as fear feasts upon the souls of those wh…

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  • Two worlds dancing
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    Two Worlds Dancing

    *Gorgeous cover by Rebekah Scott!* <br><br> Another Cinderella retelling (you could say I'm obsessed). Based on the Moonlight Sonata, …

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  • Netley abbey 2 1.31.15
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    Light shining through broken windows, grass growing through broken stones. <br><br>Winning entry for the Bright Places contest; inspir…

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  • April poems
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    Speak to Me

    A poem a day during April. <br><br> Some hopeful, some jokeful, some jeering, some cheering, some spectacular, some vernacular, some r…

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  • Dark cover 2
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    The edge of the forest, dark behind, darker ahead. Her almost-brother, egging her forward. And the fear of what comes next. Copyrig…

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over 1 year ago Kate Onyx said:

Hello, students/teachers of Ellie's Classroom! I am here to inform you that we have moved, and formed a new group called "Our Classroom". We all maintain it, and we want that to reflect in the title. So we're building it from the ground up, and our lessons will expand past grammar to writing in general. Feel free to come and join! We will help you in any way we can! Stay in school! Here's the link to the new group! -Miss Kate


about 2 years ago Karah (HAITUS) said:

I apologize in advance if you have already received this ad


about 2 years ago Renn Ferring said:

Hey! I just started a group called The Long Haul. It's a group to help writers who have trouble with plot, character development, and even just getting the ideas down on paper. There's contests and prompts, too, and a cover shop. Only, it's not seeing much activity since it's so new. I was wondering if you'd maybe like to join...?

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Simply Noah [Companion to Ten of Me] ◎

(over 2 years ago)

Oh, poor Noah...he actually does sort of have a soul... I thought it was a little unrealistic that he himself would say he copied what... Read More »

Ten of Me ✓

(over 2 years ago)

Ahhh it's overrrrrrr... Troy is PERFECT. Just saying. And oh, the sass in that epilogue...wonder how Noah's gonna react to that haha. ... Read More »