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    Do You Remember?

    Inspired by the Notebook by Nicholas Sparks (just a little bit at the end).

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  • Island
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    The island

    This piece is over a year old. Another backwards progression piece! Enjoy!

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  • New-hampshire
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    In the Woods of New Hampshire

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  • L
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    This was also a class assignment. **Chosen by author Blake Nelson to be featured on Figment's homepage!**

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    This was for a writing assignment: a piece that spans about 120 seconds. Critique please! =)

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over 5 years ago Daniela Bourlotos said:

Hey there! Wanna swap? You see, I've wrote this story called Paranoia. It's for the Summer Reading Contest... And I would love for to read it... If you want to.

**If we've already swapped, please disregard this message.**

Foo fighters wallpaper by w3ph-d3aqg0m

almost 6 years ago Roy C said:

There is so much win in your avatar. Following!


almost 6 years ago Wyatt Jaymes said:

I meant I want to swap with Niko.


almost 6 years ago Wyatt Jaymes said:

I want to swap. You read the Extreme War of Darkomega and It is winter and review them. I will read all of your books and review them.- Wyatt Jaymes

Screen shot 2012-11-05 at 8.31.13 pm

almost 6 years ago Monica Bell said:

If you don't mind reading LLD!

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Family Killer

(over 6 years ago)

Yeah, I'm excited to read more! Double check, there is a typo or two in there. Nothing serious though! Read More »

Just A Thought

(over 6 years ago)

haha yeah "colour" always throws me for a loop too but I like the british spellings better 80% of the time Read More »