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    The blind are often those who see the most. The relationship between a boy and his mother is a delicate thing, and when things are fou…

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    *IN PROGRESS* Everyone has secrets, even the angels. Things are happening, being created, being said, and nothing can keep these dark …

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    *IN PROGRESS* Are you sure you're 100% human?

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    Scarlet Fever

    Life is short and shouldn't be wasted. For some shorter than others. As Scarlet's world closes in around her, she is offered one last …

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    Jack's Weeping Angel

    "That's why they cover their eyes. They're not weeping, they can't risk looking at each other. Their greatest asset is their greatest …

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    This is an anthology of poems about a friend I hadn't seen in a long time. I'll try to add one poem a week. The titles of the chapters…

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about 3 years ago Melanie Camacho said:

Swap? If so please read Andrew Stone and heart it IF you like it! This is the last day that I can receive hearts :) Thank you have a good day.

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about 3 years ago Melanie Camacho said:

Could you please heart my story? (it's only 750 words) I will comment and heart any story of yours up to 2,000 words! Please help me by hearting it!


over 3 years ago Melanie Camacho said:

Just started my book and I need reviews/comments/hearts and emotions. I will return the favor :) it's less than 600 words so far. My book is called Dear Dumb Diary

Daisy is just a normal eight-year-old girl until she sees something that turns her world upside down. In order to help her with her anger problems, her mom buys her a diary. This is her diary.

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over 3 years ago L. R. Bauer said:

Hello! Would you like to swap? If so, please read some of "Seeing Double." I would appreciate honest feedback and constructive criticism. Just post on my wall what you want me to read in return. Thanks!


over 3 years ago Sierra Johnson said:

COME JOIN! Come join my new group for singers and song writers!

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When No Ones Looking

(almost 4 years ago)

Oh my word, this is incredible. I've been there, wanting to go through it, and I honestly cannot find another piece that encompasses any ... Read More »

Adolescent Odyssey

(almost 5 years ago)

first of all: 10's ASS! second: the new hearting for figment is boss third: stop writing short poems! this is so amazing, and the brevi... Read More »